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photo by Steve Christofferson

About Bellingham

​​​​​​On the shores of Bellingham Bay with Mount Baker as its backdrop, Bellingham is the last major city before the Washington coastline meets the Canadian border. The City of Bellingham, which serves as the​ county seat of Whatcom County, is at the center of a uniquely picturesque area offering a rich variety of recreational, cultural, educational and economic activities.

Quick Stats​

  • Population: 88,500​
  • Area: 30.1 square miles
  • Travel distances
    • Canadian border: 21 miles
    • Vancouver, B.C: 52 miles
    • Seattle: 90 miles​​
  • Miles of bike lanes:61.1​
  • Miles of trails: 68.7


Photo Tour​​



Light Trail out of the City of Subdued Excitementhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Visiting/A.jpgLight Trail out of the City of Subdued ExcitementPhoto by AJ Barse
Purple Paddlerhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Visiting/C.jpgPurple PaddlerPhoto by Phillip Humphries
Streaking Heraldhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Visiting/D.jpgStreaking HeraldPhoto by Todd Edison
Larrabee State Parkhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Visiting/E.jpgLarrabee State ParkPhoto by Sean Stockburger
Mt. Baker Ski Areahttps://www.cob.org/photos/Visiting/Fp700273.jpgMt. Baker Ski AreaPhoto by Thomas Miles
Squalicum Harbor Kayakshttps://www.cob.org/photos/Visiting/GP400224.jpgSqualicum Harbor KayaksPhoto by John R. Kienast Jr.
Lightcatcherhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Visiting/Hp901211[1].jpgLightcatcherPhoto by Kenni Merritt
Jingle Jamhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Visiting/Ip800207.jpgJingle JamPhoto by Tomas Calderon
Picture Lakehttps://www.cob.org/photos/Visiting/P.jpgPicture LakePhoto by Kathleen Kitto
Lake Padden Snow Stormhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Visiting/P900210.jpgLake Padden Snow StormPhoto by Katheryn Moran
Bellewood Acres Pumpkin Patchhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Visiting/p800269.jpgBellewood Acres Pumpkin PatchPhoto by Sean Stockburger
Light Trail to the City of Subdued Excitementhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Visiting/p901000[1].jpgLight Trail to the City of Subdued ExcitementPhoto by AJ Barse


Excellence in education is a hallmark of our community. Nationally lauded K-12 public schools, two community colleges, and Western Washington University – consistently ranked high among public regional universities – all call Bellingham home. Learn more about our top-quality ​schools​ and Bellingham's higher education institutions below.


In 1903, four towns  Fairhaven, Whatcom, Sehome, and Bellingham  merged to create the Bellingham we know today. Bellingham's historic character is remarkably well-preserved, with a large number of historic buildings downtown, in Fairhaven's Historic District, and in adjacent neighborhoods. Explore historic Bellingham using one of our self-guided tours, or visit Whatcom Museum.​

City Government

​Learn more about how the City of Bellingham serves the community.



 Visitor Information

Visit Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism​ to learn more about things​​​ to do, ​p​laces to see, ​where to eat and much more.​​​