E. Illinois Trial Traffic Revision

In support of the City's Bicycle Master Plan, the City has installed a trial installation at the intersections of both E. Illinois and James streets, and E. Illinois Street and Sunset Drive. The installations will restrict cut-through traffic on E. Illinois, to improve safety for people walking and cycling on this new bicycle boulevard.

Once installed, City staff will continue to monitor vehicle volumes and speeds to determine if the restricted access is improving safety in the neighborhood. The goal of this temporary trial is to achieve the low speed and low volume expected on the neighborhood street designated as a bicycle boulevard without stop controls that are likely to be ignored by some people on bikes or in cars.

The City conducts regular traffic counts.

Bicycle Boulevards

Bike boulevards, as identified in the Bicycle Master Plan, create key regional connections between destinations and between neighborhoods east and west of I-5.

Draft revision drawing: W. Illinois at Sunset Drive and E. Illinois at James Street 



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