Dr. Marvin Wayne MD, Whatcom Medic One Supervising Physician and Whatcom County Medical Program Director

Whatcom Medic One medical operations are supervised by Dr. Marvin Wayne MD, who also is the state-appointed Medical Program Director for all of Whatcom County.

As Whatcom Medic One Supervising Physician, by contract with the City, he supervises the day-to-day medical operations of Whatcom Medic One. This is separate from his service as state-appointed Medical Program Director, and applies only to Whatcom Medic One operations provided by Bellingham Fire Department.

His role as the state-appointed Whatcom County Medical Program Director is in accordance with state requirements.  This position is certified by and appointed by the Washington State Department of Health, and operates under the direction and protection of the state. In this role, he is responsible for the education, certification, and quality assurance for the care provided by all emergency medical services in Whatcom County. Thus, all emergency medical services personnel in Whatcom County work under his state license, no matter who is their employer.

Dr. Wayne also provides physician oversight for Western Washington University's paramedic training program (under contract with the City of Bellingham), is an attending physician in the emergency department at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, and is an associate clinical professor at the University of Washington.

Long history of excellence

Since Whatcom Medic One's inception in 1974, Dr. Wayne has been instrumental in stewarding it into one of the most successful community emergency medical systems in the country.

Dr. Wayne's long list of achievements and ground-breaking research has brought innovative medicine to our community and to the entire nation.  He is an internationally recognized expert in emergency medicine and pre-hospital emergency care.

As the result of his work, Whatcom Medic One has received hundreds of thousands of dollars of in-kind funding to assist in the evolution of innovative products for prehospital care. For example, Whatcom Medic One was among the first users of an automated defibrillator outside of a hospital emergency room. With the assistance of Whatcom Medic One, Dr. Wayne pioneered research on cardiac arrest resuscitation and survivability, which lead to widespread adoption of special equipment and methods on cardiac arrest calls for service.  These and other successes have resulted in long-term relationships with many leading manufacturers of prehospital devices.

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