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​Cordata Trail Bridge

Bellingham Trail Guide

​​​​​​​​The Bellingham Trail Guide is published by the City of Bellingham Parks Department. Printed versions are available at the Parks Administration office at 210 Lottie St, 2nd floor of City Hall, or can be downloaded from this site:

Bellingham Trail Guide by section:

Native Plant Trail

The Native Plant Trail travels along Whatcom Creek in Maritime Heritage Park and teaches visitors about native plants and wildlife. Though not currently a part of the printed Bellingham Trail Guide, the Native Plant Trail is worth visiting!

Pedestrian and Bicycle Trail Counters

Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department has been collecting trail user data since February of 2011 from infrared trail monitoring equipment installed at various locations in the City.  The data results are an approximation of how many people are using trails on a given day and time.