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Samish Way

Samish Way

In November, 2009, the Bellingham City Council approved the Samish Way Urban Village Subarea Plan. The proposed urban village is located west of I-5 and north of Bill McDonald Parkway, in the Sehome and York Neighborhoods.

Update to Subarea Plan and Development Regulations

This update was triggered by changes in the proposed transportation network identified in the city-wide pedestrian master plan (2012), bicycle master plan (2014), and a study of alternatives for the Samish Way arterial. Several other code changes were recommended in the 2018 Urban Village Status Report. Outdated and conflicting information also requires an update for consistency with other city-wide codes and current neighborhood conditions. A summary of proposed changes is provided here.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on the amendments on January 24, 2019, and thereafter issued Findings of Fact, Conclusions and a Recommendation to the City Council to approve the proposed changes.

Subarea Plan


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