Bicycle Master Plan

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In October 2014, the Bellingham City Council approved the 2014 Bellingham Bicycle Master Plan. The Plan identifies steps toward creating a safe, connected network of bicycle facilities and supportive programs to encourage bicycling by all members of our community

Bicycle Master Plan October 13, 2014

Bicycle Master Plan Appendices

Open House 2-20-14

Open House Presentation (PDF)

Draft Bicycle Master Plan 2-13-14

DRAFT Bicycle Master Plan Appendices

Community Survey and Interactive Map Findings

Survey and map were closed May 27, 2013.

Completed July 2013

Opinions and information were gathered from the public survey and used as a basis for understanding the needs, ideas and concerns of Bellingham residents. The survey and interactive map findings will be used, along with other information, to inform the planning process and create the prioritized list of recommended improvements to the bicycling environment.

Draft Vision and Goals

Draft Vision and Goals July 2013 (PDF)


Led by the City Public Works Department with input from a citizen steering committee, the project will:

  • Gather community input on current facilities, areas of need and priorities for improvements.
  • Build on our existing network of 65 miles of bicycle lanes, 60 miles of planned bicycle lanes, and 68 miles of bicycle friendly trails.
  • Develop a citywide bicycle network that includes arterial routes and low-stress neighborhood routes.
  • Prioritize bicycle facility improvements and develop an implementation plan.
  • Train City staff on best practices in bicycle facility design.
  • Develop policy and program recommendations in the areas of education, encouragement and enforcement.
  • Incorporate the Bicycle Master Plan into the Transportation Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

Steering Committee Members (PDF)

Open House April 23, 2013

Transportation Benefit District 1

In 2010 the Bellingham City Council formed Transportation Benefit District No. 1 (TBD) which voters approved by 58% to provide dedicated funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects and expanded transit service. This funding supports Bellingham's adopted mode shift goals to reduce total automobile trips to 75%, or less, by 2022 while increasing mode shares for bicycle, pedestrian and transit travel.

More Information

For more information contact  the Public Works DepartmentTransportation Options Coordinator, 778-7950