Planning Academy for Neighborhoods Financial Resources

An Offer of Financial Resources for the Neighborhoods -- Brief Explanation

It is in the City's interest that our neighborhood plans be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and represent the values and priorities of the neighborhoods. Therefore, the City has established both

  • a Planning Academy to provide neighborhood  leadership with the  knowledge, skills and abilities to develop and propose comprehensive plan, neighborhood plan and development code amendments for consideration by the City: and,
  • a fund for financial assistance to the neighborhoods to help enable them to carry out this work of mutual benefit.

It is also in the city's general interest that Neighborhoods accomplish public improvements and projects that are consistent with the neighborhood's values and priorities and that qualify under the City's Small and Simple Grants program. 

To assist neighborhood associations as described above, the City has made available $2,500 for each participating neighborhood.  The details of how the neighborhood can qualify for the use of these funds (either for support for neighborhood planning or as a Small and Simple Grant for neighborhood improvements) as well as the administrative requirements for use will be provided at Session 4, October 10, of the Planning Academy.