University Ridge

Ambling University Development Group has submitted multiple land use applications for a proposed 576-bed boarding/rooming house located at 4413 Consolidation Avenue. Access to the site will be from an easterly extension of Consolidation Avenue.

 Post Hearing Motions

Hearing Examiner's Decision - November 13, 2013
Applicant's Response to City's Response - November 12, 2013
City's Response to Applicant's Motion for Reconsideration - November 8, 2013
Applicant's Motion for Reconsideration - November 4, 2013

Hearing Examiner Decision

Notice of Decision, Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law issued October 23, 2013

Post-Hearing Responses

Applicant's Post-Hearing Response
     Exhibit A - E (3,586K PDF)
     Exhibit F - I (4,648K PDF)
     Exhibit J - M (4,166K PDF)
     Exhibit N - S (3,531K PDF)

City of Bellingham's Post-Hearing Response (2,640K PDF)

Hearing Examiner Materials - September 11, 2013 Public Hearing

Audio of September 11, 2013 Meeting - *could take a few minutes to load

Hearing Examiner Public Hearing Notice (PDF)
Staff Report - Part 1 (3,375K PDF)    Staff Report - Part 2 (6,096K PDF)
Exhibit A through D (3,958K PDF)
Exhibit E through F (5,246K PDF)
Exhibit G through O (4,361K PDF)
Exhibit P through R (5,431K PDF)


Environmental Documents

Architectural and Civil Engineering Plans

City Correspondence

Determination of Non-Significance - August 9, 2013 (402K PDF)
Applicant Correspondence 
City's Confirmation to Applicant - July 3, 2013
Applicant Response (3,956K PDF) - June 20, 2013
Notice of Complete Application and Notice of Application (404K PDF) 
Request for Consolidation (PDF) and Request for Information (PDF) - May 28, 2013

Public Comment on SEPA

Part 1 (3,346K PDF)
Part 2 (4,877K PDF)
Part 3 (3,323K PDF)
Part 4 (4,884K PDF)

Public Comment 

Public Inquiries 

Miscellaneous Correspondence
Puget Neighborhood Zoning Map
Samish Neighborhood Zoning Map

Historical Information

The following applications have been totally replaced by the one above.

Revised Application - February 8, 2013

Original Application - January 17, 2013