​Cornwall Park by David Veatch image

​Cornwall Park by David Veatch

Cornwall Park Neighborhood

The neighborhood derives much of its character and charm from the diversity of its recreation areas, open space and large, older homes. These well-maintained homes with large lawns give the neighborhood a pleasant, quiet, residential atmosphere. One such house, the Roeder Home, has considerable historic and architectural value and contributes to the neighborhood character. With convenient access to the freeway, and to downtown and outlying commercial areas, a major regional park, Cornwall Park retains a stable, pleasant residential character. Parkview Elementary School is another neighborhood asset, as is the Bay to Baker Trail and Greenway that will extend through the northern part of the neighborhood.

The 70-acre Cornwall Park in the center of the neighborhood provides a wealth of recreation opportunities for this and adjacent neighborhoods.

The Cornwall Park Neighborhood is also home to St. Joseph Hospital, an important regional medical facility and one of the area's largest employers.


Historical Updates



Cornwall Park and Creekhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Services/CommunityPlanning/neighborhoods/cornwallpark/Cornwall Park and Creek.jpgCornwall Park and Creek
Cornwall Parkhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Services/CommunityPlanning/neighborhoods/cornwallpark/Cornwall Park.jpgCornwall Park
Cornwall Corner Storehttps://www.cob.org/photos/Services/CommunityPlanning/neighborhoods/cornwallpark/Cornwall Corner Store.jpgCornwall Corner Store
Cornwall Parkhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Services/CommunityPlanning/neighborhoods/cornwallpark/Cornwall--4.jpgCornwall Park