Public Works Applications and Forms

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Applications - General

Public Works Permit Application 


Stormwater Permit Application and Stormwater Permit Submittal Requirements

On-Site Stormwater BMPS Guidance
Potential Infiltration Areas

Special Event Permit

Special Events Permit - Application and Information


Street Name Applicatio​n and Pre-Approved Street Names

Street Obstruction Permit 

Street Tree Permit Application and  Approved Street Trees

Street Vacation Request

Temporary Right-of-Way Use

For construction-related temporary right-of-way use such as street/sidewalk closure, crane/lift/pumper, dumpster, scaffolding, etc.

Construction-Related Temporary Right-of-Way Use Guide
Public Works Permit Application 

Commercial uses that are 
temporary in nature and do not involve ground disturbance, such as sidewalk cafes & vending, food trucks, parklets.

Commercial-Related Temporary Right-of-Way Use Guide
Public Works Permit Application 

Transportation Concurrency

Transportation Concurrency Application and Transportation Concurrency Guidelines
Transportation Concurrency FAQ

Transportation Impact Fee Calculation

Notice of an increase in the Fee Base Rate for 2020

2020 Multimodal TIF Rate Schedule

2019-2020 Comparison of TIF in 74 Western Washington Cities (and 5 Counties) 


Latecomer Application - Water, Sewer, and Street / Stormwater
Water Distribution System Development Standards
Water Withdraw Application (for bulk water)  Information Brochure (PDF)

Water Procedures

Water Main Extension Procedures
Water Service Procedures


Erosion & Sediment Control and Temporary Erosion Control Best Management Practices
LID Process

Public Facilities Construction Application and PFC - Plan Amendment
Public Works Hearing Examiner Variance
Public Works Variance Application
Last Lot Served
Oversize / Overweight Permit Application and Oversize / Overweight Vehicle Permit Information​
Street Obstruction Bond Form
Survey Plat Checklist

Conveyance Document Request Form 

Relinquishment of Utility Easement Procedure

Right of way Submitt​al Sheet request form

Sample Map Exhibit

Small Cell Permit Application Requirements

Small Cell Modification Pe​rmit Application Requirements 

Storm Drainage Easement Request Form

Subordination Agreement