Land Use Applications and Forms

​​​ The following applications and forms can be viewed with Adobe Reader. Visit the Permit Fees page for help calculating the estimated cost of your project's permits. (*Denotes an application or form that can be filled out on the computer.)

Before filling out an application, you may find the following documents useful.

Applications - General

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)
ADU Application and ADU Requirements
ADU Occupancy Certification

Annexation Application and Annexation Procedures
60% Direct Petition Method
Alternative Direct Petition Method
Frequently Asked Questions

Binding Site Plan
General Binding Site Plan Procedures / Application
Specific Binding Site Plan Procedures / Application

*Clearing Permit Application
Grading Permit Application

Conditional Use
*Conditional Use Permit Application
Floor Area Calculation Form

Critical Areas
*Critical Areas Permit Application
*Minor Critical Areas Permit Application 

Design Review
*Design Review Application
Design Review Exemption Authorization
Pre-Application Design Guidance Meeting
Old Town FAR Bonus Application

Design Review Supporting Materials
BMC - Design Review
City Center Design Standards
Fairhaven Design Standards
Multi-Family Design Review Handbook

Infill Housing (Infill Toolkit)

Infill Toolkit Application      

Nonconforming Use and Building
Certificate of Non-Conforming Use Application
Expansion of Non-Conforming Use Procedure
Nonconforming Structure Percentage Destruction Calculation

Planned Development
*Procedures, Site Plan Checklist and Application

Pre-Application Meeting Information / Application- recently revised
Pre-Application Waiver Request Application

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)
Land Use Cover Sheet - MUST be included with Checklist or Supplemental Sheet D submittal
SEPA Environmental Checklist- word version
SEPA Supplemental Sheet D for Non-Project Actions- word version
View Analysis Submittal Standards

*Shoreline Permit Application
*Shoreline Exemption Application

Subdivision/Short Plat
Legal Lot Determination
Minimum Site Area Exception Procedures / Application
Preliminary Plat Procedures /  Application
*Short Subdivision Process Type I and Lot Line Adjustment (LLA) Procedures / Application
Short Subdivision Process Type II and Type III Procedures / Application
Subdivision Variance Procedures / Application

*Variance Procedures / Application

Applications - Miscellaneous

Administrative Review Request
Appeal of Administrative Decision*
Innocent Purchaser Verification Form
Multi-Family Tax Exemption Application
Request for Director Interpretation
Zoning Compliance Procedures/ Application

Other Miscellaneous
Fences, Hedges and Walls Information Handout
*Fence: Over-Height  Procedures/ Application
Home Occupation Permit Application Form
Historic: Certificate of Alteration Procedures / Application
Historic: Local Building Registry Procedures/ Application
*Parking Adjustment Application
Sidewalk Vendor Procedure/ Instruction Handbook
Street Tree Permit Application and Approved Street Trees
Wireless Communications Procedure / Application

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Investigation Request

Comprehensive/Neighborhood Plan Amendment and Rezone Requests

*Docketing Application
*Final Application
Process Document
Rezone Application

Neighborhood Meeting and Mailing Notice Materials (Notification to surrounding property owners)

Neighborhood Notification List
Mailing List Instructions and Template

Neighborhood Meeting Instructions
Pre-Application Waiver Request Application