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Rental Registration and Safety Inspection Program

​​​The Rental Registration & Safety Inspection Program (RR&SIP) was approved by the Bellingham City Council on March 9, 2015 and requires all residential rental properties (apartments, homes, duplexes, ADUs, etc.) within Bellingham city limits be registered. The program is designed to ensure that all rental housing units comply with specific life & fire safety standards and are providing a safe place for tenants to live. As of July 2015, all rental property owners will be required to register their property with the City every year and have the property inspected once every three years. For questions about this program, contact the Rental Registration Team at (360) 778-8361 or rentals@cob.org

*Registration and Inspection fees can be paid online! Visit www.cob.org/epermits and use our "How to" Guide*.