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We Scoop Pledge

​​Follow these three easy steps to participate in the We Scoop program:

1.   Make the We Scoop Pledge.

I pledge to scoop the poop at home at least weekly, rain or shine. 
I pledge to scoop the poop on walks every time. 
I pledge to bag it, and put it in the trash.

Click here to make the We Scoop Pledge


2.   Put We Scoop stickers on your curbside trash can.

We Scoop stickers show that you stand together with your neighbors in your commitment to scooping dog poop at home and on walks. Stickers also serve as a reminder to yourself and your neighbors to scoop at home frequently.


3.   Get a free Poop Scooping Toolkit.

The Poop Scooping Toolkit includes free tools to put on your leash: a bag dispenser and flashlight. Never get caught without a bag again. Use the flashlight to help find poop dropped after dark. Every poop makes a difference.

Click here to make the We Scoop Pledge and get We Scoop stickers and a Poop Scooping Toolkit.


Enter our dog photo contest. Your dog could be a Scooping Star!

Your dog may be chosen to star in our We Scoop outreach materials, including bus ads, posters, and our We Scoop Bellingham Facebook page. Email your photo, name, and dog's name to nreducation@cob.org or post it on the We Scoop Bellingham Facebook page. High quality photos are preferred, but all are accepted. PLEASE NOTE: By submitting your photo, you agree to the following Photographic Materials Use Agreement with the City of Bellingham. Your photo will only be used if you've taken the We Scoop Pledge.


Get scooping tips and learn how you can help

For more information about pet waste, including health risks, bag dispenser locations, outdoor cats, and other sources of fecal bacteria, please visit the City of Bellingham pet waste page


Photo Gallery 



Calli SuperTailhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Services/Environment/stormwater/ScoopPoop/Calli-SuperTail-scoop-poop-gallery.jpgCalli SuperTail