Puget Sound Starts Here

The Puget Sound Starts Here (PSSH) campaign was created to help residents understand how changes in their everyday actions can help save the Sound. “Puget Sound is dying, and many of us don’t realize that our own actions are contributing to its decline,” said David Dicks, director of the Puget Sound Partnership.

Puget Sound is in trouble and YOU are the solution. The City encourages behavior change in the same four areas as the PSSH campaign:

Pet Waste
Pick up pet waste with a bag – both in the yard and in public places – and place it in the trash.

Car Washing
Wash your car at a commercial car wash, where wash water is properly handled.

Lawn & Garden Care
Eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Remember if you are in the Lake Whatcom Watershed, use only phosphorus-free fertilizers.

Clean Water Promise
Pledge to help keep our waters clean and we will send you a free Chinook Book app, car wash coupon, or native plant gift certificate.

This effort is led by: