Pollution Prevention for Businesses

​​​Bellingham places a high value on protecting storm and surface water, which ultimately flow into nearby streams, lakes, and Bellingham Bay, picking up pollutants in their path. Metals, pesticides, and other pollutants have been found in our local waterways, some at levels exceeding EPA standards for the protection of human and aquatic life. Pollution sources can be direct or indirect, often coming from improper disposal or outdoor storage practices. Zinc, a metal highly toxic to fish, can come from galvanized roofs and vehicle-tire wear. Pharmaceuticals flushed down the drain make it into Bellingham Bay.

To address this issue, the City’s Local Source Control Program can provide technical assistance to help your business reduce pollution. The links below can get you started on your search for pollution prevention solutions.

More Information

For printed copies of fact sheets and other resources, or for more information, contact stormwater@cob.orgor 778-7800.

For business-related stormwater resources, trainings, and more, visit the Washington Stormwater Center.