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Habitat Photos

​​​​Habitat Photos is an opportunity for citizens to help monitor the changes that occur at habitat restoration sites. Your photos will document each site's progress and show how the​ hard work from community and agency partners has contributed to a healthier ecosystem for both wildlife and people. Photos collected through this project will be compiled into time-lapse videos to show how these sites mature over time.

How it Works

Photo stations are installed at various sites to help you capture and send photos to the City. When you are at the photo stations, simply place your phone or camera horizontally in the Chronolog bracket(s) provided. You can email or text your photos to habitat@cob.org.

There are currently photo stations installed at two habitat restoration sites in Bellingham, with plans to install more photo stations in the future. Photo stations are installed at the Padden Creek Daylighting site near the Rotary Trailhead, and the Squalicum Creek Re-route site near the Sunset Pond parking area.


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Annual Time-lapse Videos​ 

Time-lapse videos will be created for each habitat restoration site using the photos that you and others submit via e-mail or text to habitat@cob.org. These videos will be created after photo submissions have been received for at least one year, and will then be updated annually. The photos below provide a glimpse of the changes that have occurred at these habitat restoration project sites since their construction.  

Padden Creek Dayligh​ting Project (New video posted Oct. 2019!)​


Downstream view of the Padden Creek Daylighting restoration project from September 2017 to May 2019. ​​The Daylighting project moved Padden Creek out of an underground tunnel into a newly constructed channel to improve fish habitat and reduce flooding risks to nearby homes in 2015​. This video was created using photos submitted by Bellingham community members and visitors. 

Squalicum Creek Re-route Project 


Upstream view of the Squalicum Creek Re-Route restoration project site before construction in July 2015 (first image, taken by City staff), and after construction in July 2018 (second image, submitted by a community member).


Thank you to the many people who have contributed photos to this project so far!


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