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Annual Walk for Water Event

​The United Nations' World Water Day, internationally recognized on March 22 each year, highlights the importance of freshwater and the sustainable management of freshwater sources. The City of Bellingham honors World Water Day each March with an annual Walk for Water event, which raises awareness of the global lack of access to clean water and educates Bellingham citizens on the annual World Water Day theme. This walk symbolizes a portion of the approximately 3.7 miles that millions of people worldwide frequently have to travel to collect water for household use.

Walk for Water 2018

The theme of the 2018 World Water Day is Nature for Water. In support of this, Bellingham's Walk for Water event will highlight a number of City restoration and stormwater projects that protect our water sources by restoring and mimicking natural systems. Educational signs along the route will teach participants about these projects and other water-related topics. This is a free event. All ages are welcome!

Date: Saturday, March 24, 2018

Time: 10 a.m. to 12 noon

Length: 2.2 miles

Location: Meet at the Fairhaven Village Green (1207 10th Street) to sign in before the walk.

Route: The walk will start at the Fairhaven Village Green and travel along Padden Creek to the Padden Creek Daylighting project. Participants will also stop at the Harris Avenue Water Quality Facility and Padden Creek Estuary. The walk ends at the Fairhaven Village Green.*

Participants are encouraged to carry jugs filled with water during the walk to simulate the work that many individuals in developing countries (mostly women and children) do every day to obtain water. You can bring your own jug or grab a pre-filled jug at the event. The first 50 participants will receive a free water bottle!

*This route travels along a gravel path and is not easily accessible by wheelchair. The educational talks that meet at the Padden Creek Daylighting project and the Harris Avenue Water Quality Facility can be accessed by wheelchair. More information below.

Educational Talks 

Educational talks will be available along the walking route at specific restoration and stormwater projects. City staff will provide a brief overview of the projects and answer questions. These talks will highlight the Padden Creek Daylighting Project, the Harris Avenue Water Quality Facility and the Padden Creek Estuary. The Padden Creek Daylighting project is located near the Trailhead for the Interurban Trail at 1815 Old Fairhaven Parkway. City staff will be available to talk about the Harris Avenue Water Quality Facility and Padden Creek Estuary at the corner of 8th Street and Harris Avenue.

This webpage will be frequently updated with more event information!


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