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Bellingham Energy Prize

Join in the Bellingham Energy Prize to make your home more comfortable, save on water and energy bills, find efficient, longer-lasting appliances -- and help your community win 5 million dollars! Bellingham is taking intelligent energy use to the next level by competing in the national Georgetown University Energy Prize. Energy used in homes, schools, and City buildings will be measured through the end of 2016, and the communities with the best plans that save the most energy will be in the running for the $5 million prize.

Our goal is to get every household in Bellingham to make at least one change to reduce energy waste. Join your neighbors to cut your energy bills and help Bellingham win the Prize!

Visit BellinghamEnergyPrize.org to:

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To learn more about the nationwide Georgetown University Energy Prize and to track the competition's progress, visit www.guep.org or follow the Prize on Twitter (@GUEnergyPrize) or on Facebook.

Prize Application materials:

Please contact staff if you would like more information about Bellingham's participation in the Georgetown University Energy Prize.

Bellingham Energy Prize Leadership Team