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​Photo courtesy Kyler Cruz

Emissions Reduction Measures

​​​​​​​To reach the ambitious goals set out in the Climate Protection Action Plan 2018 update (51MB), the City has identified 24 ongoing and proposed municipal emissions reduction measures and 56 community emissions reduction measures in six core strategies -- Energy Efficiency and Conservation, Renewable Energy, Transportation, Green Building, Waste Reduction, and Land Use.

Municipal Measures

​Municipal Measure ​Status
​Resource Conservation Management
​Post Point Best Management Practices​Ongoing
​Federal Building Retrofits
​LED Streetlight Upgrades
​Operations and Employee Actions
​Parks LED Upgrades​


Municipal Measure ​Status
​100% Green Power​Ongoing
​City Solar​Proposed
​Post Point Resource Recovery​Proposed
​Wastewater Heat Recovery​Proposed


​Municipal Measure ​Status
​Biodiesel Pilot Project​Discontinued
​Commute Trip Reduction Program ​Incomplete
​Increase Biodiesel/Renewable Diesel Use​Incomplete
​Invest in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles​Ongoing
​10% Ethanol in City Fleet​Complete
​Limit Idling​Proposed
​35% Reduction in Employee Commute VMT​Incomplete
​Free Employee Bus Passes​Ongoing
​City Bike Fleet​Ongoing
​Green Fleet Work Plan​Proposed
​Western Washington Clean CitiesProposed
​Become Evergreen Fleets Certified​Proposed
​Efficient Driver Training​Proposed
​Advanced Vehicle Locator Systems​Proposed
​Diesel Exhaust Retrofits​Proposed


​Municipal Measure ​Status
​LEED Buildings ​Ongoing
​Recycled Construction Materials​Ongoing


​Municipal Measure ​Status
​City Hall Recycling​Complete
​Green Purchasing​Ongoing
​All City Facility Recycling​Ongoing
​Green Event Kits​Ongoing
​Municipal Waste Monitoring​Proposed
​Waste Reduction Plan​Proposed
​Good-on-One-Side Notepads​Ongoing
​Specialty Recycling​Ongoing


Community Measures

​Community Measure ​Status
​Climate Outreach and Education​Incomplete
​WWU Sustainability ProgramOngoing
​County Courthouse EfficiencyComplete
​Community Energy Challenge ​Ongoing
​Puget Sound Energy Programs ​Ongoing
​Cascade Natural Gas Programs ​Ongoing
​BCS Energy EfficiencyOngoing
​Toward Net Zero Energy ​Ongoing
​COB Water Use EfficiencyOngoing
​Residential Water Metering ​Complete
​Housing Rehab and Construction ​Ongoing
​Housing Authority Retrofits​Complete
​Bellingham Energy PrizeOngoing
​Energy Prize Online Energy Center ​Ongoing
​Energy Efficiency and Real Estate​Ongoing
​Project RENTComplete
​Multi-family Residential Efficiency ​Ongoing
​Bellingham Schools Energy Efficiency ​Ongoing
​Green Classroom Certification ​Ongoing
​Waterfront District Energy ​Proposed
​Energy Innovation Hub​Proposed
​Single-family Residential OutreachProposed
​PSE Streetlights LED Upgrade​Proposed
​Commercial & Multi-family Building Benchmarking​Proposed
​Industrial Energy Efficiency​Proposed
​Green Leases for City Tenants​Proposed
​Residential Energy Ratings​Proposed
​Weatherization Requirement​Proposed


​Community Measure ​Status
​Green Power Purchases​Ongoing
​Green Power Community Challenge ​Com​plete
​WWU Sustainability Program ​Ongoing
​County Green Power​Ongoing
​Solar Permitting Improvements​Complete
​Solarize Whatcom ​Ongoing
​Washington Goes Solar Campaign ​Ongoing
​Waterfront District Energy​Proposed
​Community Solar​Proposed
​More Efficient Energy Distribution​Proposed
​Support Wind Power​Proposed


Community Measure ​Status
​SSC Biodiesel ​Ongoing
​Car Sharing​Ongoing
​Vehicle Mode Shift​Ongoing
​Safe Routes to School ​Ongoing
​Limit Idling​Incomplete
​Promote Biofuels​Incomplete
​Promote Hybrid and Electric Vehicles​Ongoing
​Whatcom Smart TripsOngoing
​SSC Natural Gas Trucks​In Progress
​Commute Trip Reduction ​Ongoing
​WTA Bus and Facility Upgrades ​In Progress


​Community Measure ​Status
​Promote Green Building​Ongoing
​Advanced Materials and Methods Policies​Ongoing
​2030 Districts​Proposed


Community Measure ​Status
​Construction/Demolition Recycling​Ongoing
​Food Plus!
​Increase Curbside Recycling​Incomplete
​Plastic Bag Ban ​Complete

Community Measure ​Status
​COB Habitat Protection and Restoration ​Ongoing
​Urban Villages ​Ongoing
​High Density Development​Ongoing
​COB Carbon Fund​Proposed