Recycling and Waste Reduction


Recycling services in Bellingham are provided by Sanitary Service Company (360-734-3490) under contract to the City. The charge for service is set by City ordinance.

Yard Waste Disposal Options (replaces "Clean Green")

The City's subsidy of a seasonal woody debris ("Clean Green") transfer station has ended. However, there are options for year-round pick-up of yard waste and compost.

After significant storms, Bellingham Public Works will accept residential yard waste from city residents, at no charge.  Storm debris events will be announced through the City's website, Facebook page and news releases.

Benefits of this program transition are:

  • There are more choices where and how to compost
  • The City is no longer paying to ship the composted material out of the area
  • The City can provide free yard waste disposal a few, critical times a year

For further information, please call the Bellingham Public Works Department.