Photo Competition Top Winners

​The gallery below includes top winners from the photo competition. See the Recent Competition Submissions​ for a complete gallery of all entries from the latest competition.​



The Light Has Not Gone Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p906275top-winners-gallery.jpgThe Light Has Not GonePhoto by Tristin Munich - Best of Class - College (2020)
Plumy Winter Skies Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p906202top-winners-gallery.jpgPlumy Winter SkiesPhoto by Caden Seyler - Best of Class - 9-12 (2020)
Beautiful Bellingham-Fairhaven Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p906187top-winners-gallery.jpgBeautiful Bellingham-FairhavenPhoto by David Veatch - Best of Show - 2nd Place (2020)
Galbraith Mountain mountain biking Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p906133top-winners-gallery.jpgGalbraith Mountain mountain bikingPhoto by Ivy Newell - Best of Show - 3rd Place (2020)
Blast from the Past Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p906111top-winners-gallery.jpgBlast from the PastPhoto by Ben Joyce - Best of Show - 1st Place (2020)
Wearing a mask at Easter Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p906096-top-winners-gallery.jpgWearing a mask at EasterPhoto by Chantelle Forsyth - Best of Class - K-4 (2020)
Waypoint Park Reflections Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p905342-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgWaypoint Park ReflectionsWaypoint Park Reflections - Photo by Paul Conrad - Best of Show - 1st Place 2019
Fog Rolls Through Western's Red Square Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p905256-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgFog Rolls Through Western's Red SquareFog Rolls Through Western's Red Square - Photo by Joe Addison - Best of Show - 3rd Place 2019
Night lyfe XD Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p905121-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgNight lyfe XDNight lyfe XD - Photo by Nathan Rachinski - Best of Show - 2nd Place 2019
Surfs up Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p904253-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgSurfs upPhoto by Malcolm Evans - Best of Class 5-8 Grade 2018
Broadway Park Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p904183-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgBroadway ParkPhoto by Lauren McClanahan - Best of Show 1st Place 2018
Racing on the bay Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p904048-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgRacing on the bayPhoto by Patricia Hochreiter - Best of Show 3rd Place 2018
Highline Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p904016-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgHighlinePhoto by Colby Mesick - Best of Show 2nd Place 2018
Through the Gap Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p903181-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgThrough the GapI was standing in the boat yard near C Street and West Maple St using a very long lens. - Photo By: Dex Horton / Award: Best of Show -Third Place
A true confession Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p903169-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgA true confessionOn the docks out by Zuanich park. - Photo By: Alice Horton / Award: 5-8 Grade - Best of Class
End of school year shaving cream fight Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p903158-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgEnd of school year shaving cream fightLyle Neighborhood - Photo By: David Veatch / Award: Best of Show - Neighborhoods


​Please be respectful of these artists and obey copyright law​. Obtain permission from the City of Bellingham or the photographer before using any of these images.​