Photo Competition Results

​​Top Winners From Previous Years​



Night lyfe XD Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p905121-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgNight lyfe XDNight lyfe XD - Photo by Nathan Rachinski - Best of Show - 2nd Place 2019
Waypoint Park Reflections Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p905342-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgWaypoint Park ReflectionsWaypoint Park Reflections - Photo by Paul Conrad - Best of Show - 1st Place 2019
Broadway Park Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p904183-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgBroadway ParkPhoto by Lauren McClanahan - Best of Show 1st Place 2018
Racing on the bay Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p904048-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgRacing on the bayPhoto by Patricia Hochreiter - Best of Show 3rd Place 2018
Highline Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p904016-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgHighlinePhoto by Colby Mesick - Best of Show 2nd Place 2018
Surfs up Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p904253-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgSurfs upPhoto by Malcolm Evans - Best of Class 5-8 Grade 2018
A true confession Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p903169-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgA true confessionOn the docks out by Zuanich park. - Photo By: Alice Horton / Award: 5-8 Grade - Best of Class
Through the Gap Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p903181-eob-top-winners-gallery.jpgThrough the GapI was standing in the boat yard near C Street and West Maple St using a very long lens. - Photo By: Dex Horton / Award: Best of Show -Third Place

Most Recent Competition Submissions​​



Rusting Hulks Culture/Photo Competition/2019/p905393-eob-gallery.jpgRusting HulksThe rusting hulks of old Georgia-Pacific pulp mill distillers against a stark blue sky on Friday morning November 16, 2018, in Bellingham, Wash. / Photo by Conrad Paul /
Perception Culture/Photo Competition/2019/p905392-eob-gallery.jpgPerceptionJeiel pointing his camera toward me. Waypoint Park, Bellingham WA / Photo by Herr Benjamin /
Moody Lake Culture/Photo Competition/2019/p905391-eob-gallery.jpgMoody LakeLake Whatcom on a misty morning / Photo by Bjerno Nancy / Honorable Mention
Snowy trestle Culture/Photo Competition/2019/p905390-eob-gallery.jpgSnowy trestleRailroad trestle at Whatcom Falls Park / Photo by Bjerno Nancy /
Bellingham's Underbelly Culture/Photo Competition/2019/p905389-eob-gallery.jpgBellingham's UnderbellyA shot of the underside of the infrastructure near the edge of downtown Bellingham Shot in Bellingham WA / Photo by Herr Benjamin /
Majestic Culture/Photo Competition/2019/p905388-eob-gallery.jpgMajesticMale deer emerging from the bushes / Photo by Bjerno Nancy /
Cockatiel "Bird Alley Mural" Culture/Photo Competition/2019/p905387-eob-gallery.jpgCockatiel "Bird Alley Mural"This cockatiel was part of the Bird Alley Mural painted by Shawn Cass on the Hohl Feed and Seed Store on Railroad Ave. The building was destroyed by fire in February, 2019. / Photo by Bergman Nancy /
Creatures in the cold Culture/Photo Competition/2019/p905386-eob-gallery.jpgCreatures in the coldLake Whatcom at Euclid park / Photo by Bjerno Nancy /


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