Recent Photo Competition Submissions

The gallery below includes all entries from the latest competition.​ See the Photo Co​mpetition Top Winners​ for a gallery with all top winners from past Essence of Bellingham photo competitions.



Magical Falls Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906001.jpgMagical FallsPhoto by Brenda Johnson
Sunkissed Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906002.jpgSunkissedPhoto by Brenda Johnson
Nature so close Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906003.jpgNature so closePhoto by Brenda Johnson
Nature and old architecture what a pair Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906004.jpgNature and old architecture what a pairPhoto by Brenda Johnson
Sunkissed Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906005.jpgSunkissedPhoto by Brenda Johnson
Under the Bridge Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906008.jpgUnder the BridgePhoto by Randy Lampman
Sunset at Boulevard park Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906009.jpgSunset at Boulevard parkPhoto by Randy Lampman
Inseparable Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906010.jpgInseparablePhoto by Tristin Munich
Training Opportunity Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906011.jpgTraining OpportunityPhoto by Scott Pratschner
Jolly Blue Giant Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906012.jpgJolly Blue GiantPhoto by Amanda Fost
Cup of Joy Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906013.jpgCup of JoyPhoto by Raven Gardner
Alabama hill view Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906014.jpgAlabama hill viewPhoto by Raven Gardner
Duck Life Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906015.jpgDuck LifePhoto by Raven Gardner
Octopus Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906016.jpgOctopusPhoto by Raven Gardner
Beautiful Blue Ocean Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906017.jpgBeautiful Blue OceanPhoto by Raven Gardner
Fall Railroad Culture/Photo Competition/2020/p906018.jpgFall RailroadPhoto by Raven Gardner


​Please be respectful of these artists and obey copyright law​. Obtain permission from the City of Bellingham or the photographer before using any of these images.​