Essence of Bellingham Photo Competition Top Winners

​Congratulations to the top winners of past Essence of Bellingham photo competitions! While these rose to the very top, many exceptional shots receive honors each year.




Through the Gap Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p903181.jpgThrough the GapI was standing in the boat yard near C Street and West Maple St using a very long lens. - Photo By: Dex Horton / Award: Best of Show -Third Place
A true confession Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p903169.jpgA true confessionOn the docks out by Zuanich park. - Photo By: Alice Horton / Award: 5-8 Grade - Best of Class
End of school year shaving cream fight Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p903158.jpgEnd of school year shaving cream fightLyle Neighborhood - Photo By: David Veatch / Award: Best of Show - Neighborhoods
Two Tutus Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p903105.jpgTwo TutusBellingham Night Market. A girl and her dad break into a spontaneous pose in between shopping. - Photo By: Alexander Hallett / Award: Best of Show - Second Place
Cruisin' the 11 Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p903032.jpgCruisin' the 11Photo taken along Chuckanut Scenic Drive in a 1960s CJ-5 Jeep Scrambler - Photo By: Alex Powell / Award: Best of Show - First Place
Skis and Friends Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p903005.jpgSkis and FriendsMount Baker ski area - Photo By: William Henkel / Award: 9-12 Grade - Best of Class
Larrabee Winter Evening Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p902224.jpgLarrabee Winter EveningThis kayaker and his dog were enjoying one of those magical winter evenings that can be mistaken for spring. Photo taken at Larrabee State Park. - Photo By: Jeremy Carroll / Award: Best of Class - Amateur 2016
Clark's Point Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p902180.jpgClark's PointPhoto By: Austin Shenton / Award: Best of Show - 2nd Place 2016
Mother & sister Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p902159.jpgMother & sisterMarine Park, Bellingham - Photo By: Amelia Van Niekerk / Award: Best of Class - K-4 Grade 2016
Marty's Bike Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p902041.jpgMarty's BikePhoto By: Alice Horton / Award: Best of Show - 3rd Place 2016
Life above the lake Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p902035.jpgLife above the lakeLookout above north Lake Whatcom trail - Photo By: Alex Powell / Award: Best of Class - College 2016
Rooftop Cinema Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p902032.jpgRooftop CinemaRooftop cinema was playing Dazed and Confused to a great turnout with an opportune backdrop. One of the many unique Bellingham events in the summer. - Photo By: Aaron Brick / Award: Best of Show - 1st Place 2016
Summer Boardwalk Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p901175.jpgSummer BoardwalkPhoto by Kyler Cruz - Best of Class - 9-12 Grade 2015
Me Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p901148.jpgMePhoto by Noah Kominsky - Best of Class - K-4 Grade 2015
Family Time Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p901145.jpgFamily TimeFamily Time - Photo by Isaac Day - Best of Class - College 2015
Fog on the Barrow Downs Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p901130.jpgFog on the Barrow DownsFog on the Barrow Downs - Photo by Alice Horton - Best of Show - 3rd Place 2015
Welcome to 48* North by 122* West Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p901091.jpgWelcome to 48* North by 122* WestWelcome to 48* North by 122* West - Photo by AJ Barse - Best of Show - 1st Place 2015
Sunset Fishing at Lake Padden Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p901058.jpgSunset Fishing at Lake PaddenSunset Fishing at Lake Padden - Photo by Amy Woodward - Best of Show - 2nd Place 2015
Jingle Jam Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p800207.jpgJingle JamWestern Washington University (Viking Union) - Photo by Tomas Calderon - Best of Show - 2nd Place 2013
Dreamlike Foggy Evening Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p800158.jpgDreamlike Foggy EveningDowntown Bellingham - Photo by Art Spring - Best of Show - 1st Place 2013
Padden Dock Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p800111.jpgPadden DockLake Padden - Photo by Sam Kunesh - Best of Class Grades 9-12 2013
Blazing Runner Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p800093.jpgBlazing RunnerA runner sprints past a blazing setting Sun while on the Boardwalk at Boulevard Park. - Photo by Paul Conrad - Best of Show - 3rd Place 2013
Stream of Water Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p800031.jpgStream of WaterCornwall Park - Photo by Sabine Fuller - Best of Class Grades K-4 2013
After Hours Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p700286.jpgAfter HoursBellingham Bay - Photo by Jeff Aspnes - Best of Show 1st Place 2012
Up to the Sky Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p700251.jpgUp to the SkyPhoto by Marley McMahon - Best of Class K-4 2012
Got To Get To Class Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p700217.jpgGot To Get To ClassWWU - Photo by Tomas Calderon - Best of Show 2nd Place 2012
Walking off into the Sunset Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p700178.jpgWalking off into the SunsetPhoto by Philip Humphries - Best of Show 3rd Place 2012
Mystic Currents Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p700011.jpgMystic CurrentsMaritime Heritage Park - Photo by Athena Aspnes - Best of Class 9-12 2012
Rapids Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p700001.jpgRapidsPhoto by Autumn Veatch - Best of Class 5-8 2012
Bloedel Donovan Sunrise Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p600281.jpgBloedel Donovan SunriseAt Bloedel Donovan Park, Bellingham - Photo by Lou Nicksic - Best of Show 3rd Place 2011
Tea Party Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p600263.jpgTea PartyHaving a tea party and sharing one of Katie's cupcakes - on a warm summer afternoon in the front yard! - Photo by Torrae Owen - Best of Class K-4 2011
Bellingham Station Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p600242.jpgBellingham StationWTA Downtown Bus Station - Photo by Bristol Hayward-Hughes - Best of Show 1st Place 2011
Holding Up Education Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p600027.jpgHolding Up EducationWhatcom Middle School - Photo by Lois Tuppeny - Best of Show 2nd Place 2011
Sofa Season Begins Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p600017.jpgSofa Season BeginsPhoto by Sarah Dillard - Best of Class 9-12 2011
Radio Flyer Astronaut Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p300627.jpgRadio Flyer AstronautSki to Sea, May 2007 - Photo by Marty Mitchell - Best of Show - 1st Place 2008
Living Bricks Culture/Photo Competition Top Winners/p300590.jpgLiving BricksTaken at Western Washington University - Photo by Rhys Logan - Best of Show - 2nd Place 2008