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Photo by Paul Conrad

Artistic Enhancements to Waterfront Artifact - Acid Ball

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​The City issued a Call for Proposals in August 2016 seeking individuals or teams to design, develop and install artistic enhancements to the industrial artifact known as the "acid ball" to create a highly-visible and interactive attraction for the new Waterfront District. The acid ball will be relocated to the new Whatcom Waterway Park, which is scheduled to open in 2018 in coordination with the revitalized Granary Building and new roads accessing the waterfront property. The project is funded through the City's One Percent for the Arts Program which has allocated $130,000 of the waterfront infrastructure budget to this effort.

Twenty-six proposals were submitted, and after substantial deliberation, the recommendation of the seven-person jury and the Bellingham Arts Commission to approve "Waypoint" by Mutuus Studio as the chosen project, was accepted by the Mayor. The Mutuus proposal is to coat the acid ball in a luminescent coating of translucent glass beads, a minimalist approach that highlights the existing interesting details and beauty of the artifact. Check out this article and short video on this waterfront artifact.  


Project Timeline

August 8, 2016 Call for Proposals Issued
October 3, 2016 Deadline for Proposals
​October - November​Jury Rankings, Deliberations and Finalist Interviews
​December 6, 2016​Arts Commission Public Hearing and Initial Review
​January 18, 2017​Arts Commission Meeting and Final Recommendation
January 19, 2017​Mayor Decision
​Spring 2017​Contracts Issued / Additional R&D
​Fall 2017-2018​Installation




Acid Ballhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Services/Arts Culture/Acid Ball Proposals/20160707-142004-acid-ball-proposal-gallery.jpgAcid Ball
acid-ball-2-acid-ball-proposal-galleryhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Services/Arts Culture/Acid Ball Proposals/acid-ball-2-acid-ball-proposal-gallery.jpgacid-ball-2-acid-ball-proposal-gallery
acid-ball-3-acid-ball-proposal-galleryhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Services/Arts Culture/Acid Ball Proposals/acid-ball-3-acid-ball-proposal-gallery.jpgacid-ball-3-acid-ball-proposal-gallery
acid-ball-square-acid-ball-proposal-galleryhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Services/Arts Culture/Acid Ball Proposals/acid-ball-square-acid-ball-proposal-gallery.jpgacid-ball-square-acid-ball-proposal-gallery
acid-ball-acid-ball-proposal-galleryhttps://www.cob.org/photos/Services/Arts Culture/Acid Ball Proposals/acid-ball-acid-ball-proposal-gallery.jpgacid-ball-acid-ball-proposal-gallery