Double Major Concert FAQ

​​What is the "Dou​​bl​​e Major" concert?

ODESZA and Death Cab for Cutie are performing at “Double Major,” a co-headline benefit show at Bellingham’s Civic Stadium, 1355 Civic Field Way​. The sold-out event is in the afternoon and evening Saturday May 18. Attendance is expected to be more than 13,000 people.

The show is a homecoming for both bands, having formed in Bellingham when their members were students of Western Washington University. In appreciation for the school and the city of Bellingham, net proceeds from the show will be donated to WWU’s Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment. This event is one of several taking place in Bellingham during Western’s Alumni Weekend May 17-19.

What's the s​chedule?

  • Doors Open: 4:00pm
  • LipStitch: 5:00pm
  • Robotaki: 5:30pm
  • Chong the Nomad: 6:15pm
  • Death Cab for Cutie: 7:15pm
  • ODESZA: 9:30pm​​

​​​​​​​Map of the event


Where can I park for t​​he ev​​ent?

General parking will not be available on site, so concert-goers should expect to arrange for parking before coming to the concert. The parking lots surrounding Civic Field will be used for staging emergency vehicles, production and operations vehicles, heavy equipment parking, human foot traffic, sold carpool vehicle parking, ride share pick-up and drop-off locations coordinated with UBER and LYFT, bike parking, and staff vehicle parking.

Carpool lot parking passes will be on sale with AEG beginning May 14. Parking passes will only be valid with vehicles with a minimum of 4 patrons with valid event tickets per vehicle. The carpool lots are located at Civic Field Main Parking lot from 2 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. Click here for purchase info.​

Additional parking lots are being made available in Bellingham at the following locations:

  • WWU campus: Parking passes and shuttle service to and from Civic Field are on sale with WWU Alumni Association. Register at​. Parking passes will be issued for each vehicle and shuttle service will include all registered vehicle occupants. Before the concert, shuttle service will run 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. from Western Washington University 12A and C Lots, located on 450 S College Dr. These parking lots are 2 miles southwest of Civic Field.  After the show, shuttle service will pick up at the corner of Civic Field Way and Moore Street beginning at 9:30 p.m. to midnight
  • Lincoln Creek Park & Ride, 800 Lincoln Street. This lot is 1 mile south of Civic Field and is on a WTA bus route.
  • Commercial Street Parking Garage, 1300 Commercial St. (downtown). This parking facility is 1.5 miles west of Civic Field and three blocks from the WTA downtown station.​

Additional parking lots can be found on this downtown parking map, which includes City of Bellingham parking lots and private lots in the central business district. Each lot will have access to the WTA downtown routes and ride share.

What is traf​​fic goi​ng to be like?

Several roads will be closed on May 18 for the concert. Roads that will be affected include:

  • Civic Field Way, Moore Street, and portions of Orleans Street and Potter Street will have limited access to the Sportsplex and Civic Field parking lots
  • Fraser Street and Puget Street will be controlled for WTA bus traffic
  • Several intersections in the area will have City and event staff directing traffic

Is there ride-sha​re options?

Yes. Ride share drop-off and pick-up locations for Lyft and Uber will be at Arne Hanna Aquatic Center parking lot located at 1114 Potter St.​

Can I ta​ke the bus?

Yes. WTA is running extra buses to the venue. Before the show, catch these routes to Civic Field Stadium: 190, 512, 525, 533 and 540. 

After the show, catch Routes 190 or 512 on Puget Street, directly outside the main exit. This will be the only post-show pick-up location. Route 190 will return to WWU and Downtown via Lincoln Street, Bill McDonald Parkway, High Street, and Billy Frank Jr. Street. Route 512 will return to Downtown via Lakeway Drive and Holly Street. Routes 190 and 512 will be the only routes operating after the event.

Post-show, WTA will continue to run Route 190 and 512 until there are no longer passengers waiting for the bus. Each ride costs $1 cash. Exact change only. WTA will also accept all valid WTA bus passes.​

Can I walk or ​​r​​ide my bike?

Yes. Approximately 1,200 parking stalls will be available at Civic Field for self-service bike parking. Guests will be required to provide their own locks. Bike parking will be located in the eastern section of the Civic Field lot. There will be an information booth at this location to promote efficient communication.

I own a parking lot nearby. Can I close the lot or charge for parking?

Private parking lots may be closed or managed by the owners as they see fit. The City will not be managing private parking lots.

Will this con​​​cert be loud?

This will be a large concert with amplified music. The amplified music for this event is exempt from the City’s public noise disturbance ordinance. Neighbors should expect music from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.​

What ca​n I bring to the event?

All attendees will be subject to a search upon entry and prohibited items found inside the venue will be forfeited and not returned.

  • YES - Empty water bottles (non-glass only) and Camelbaks.
  • YES - Non-professional cameras (without a detachable lens)
  • YES - Umbrellas
  • YES - Small beach towels / small blankets
  • YES - Service animals
  • YES - Hula Hoops
  • YES - Prescription medication in properly labeled prescription bottles (must match your name on the bottle)

What ca​n't I bring?

All guests will be subject to a search upon entry and prohibited items found inside the venue will be forfeited and not returned. Please look over the following and make sure to leave these things at home to ensure a smooth entry.

  • NO - Weapons of any kind
  • NO - Drugs, drug paraphernalia, or any other illegal substances
  • NO - Opaque bags (small clutch bags under 4.5” x 6.5” are OK)
  • NO - Glow sticks of any shape or size
  • NO - Lasers or laser pointers
  • NO - selfie sticks or totems
  • NO - Cameras with detachable lenses
  • NO - GoPros and other video cameras
  • NO - Beverages of any kind
  • NO - Chairs
  • NO - Tents
  • NO - Tailgating will not be allowed in parking lots or anywhere inside the venue
  • NO - Skateboards
  • NO - Projectiles, including balls and frisbees
  • NO - Fireworks
  • NO - Animals/pets, except service animals
  • NO - Alcohol
  • NO - Coolers or ice chests
  • NO - Glass bottles or glass of any kind
  • NO - Flasks or Bota bags
  • NO - Drones or other remote-controlled aircraft/toys
  • NO - Wagons or carts
  • NO - Over-the-counter medication
  • NO - Strollers​

Are came​​ras allowed?

Non-professional (fixed lenses) will be allowed.

Can I bring in bags to the event?

Fans may carry only the following style and size bags, packages, or containers into Civic Stadium or when approaching queue lines of fans awaiting entry (an exception will be made for medically-necessary items after proper inspections):
  • Clear​ plastic/vinyl/PVC and not exceeding 12 in. x 6 in. x 12 in.
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar).
  • ​Small clutch bags that do not exceed 4.5 in x 6.5 in, with or without the handle or strap may be carried in along with a clear bag.

Can I leave an​​​d come back?

Re-entry is not allowed at this show. Once you exit Civic Stadium, you will not be allowed to re-enter. Special considerations will be on a case by case basis.​

Will there be ​​​food?

The venue will have food trucks and a beer garden inside the stadium.

Is there ADA seating?

There will be ADA seating available in the south stands AND on the south track just in front of the stands. Please check in with the staff at the gates and they will assist on getting you to the seating area.​

For more ​information

Visit the Double Major official page at


​Vanessa Blackburn, Mayor's Office, (360) 778-8110,