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Cloth face coverings provide by state, WUC face coverings provide by state, WUCwhite cloth mask State donated Whatcom Unified Command distributed
Berry St repaving St repavingPaving Berry Street after replacing sewer lines, June 2020.
Berry St sewer project St sewer projectPrepping and paving asphalt patch where sewer line was replaced beneath Berry Street, June 2020
Berry-st-sewer-replacement replacement under Berry St, June 2020
Green Cone program Cone program
Procedure masks mask.JPGProcedure masksmasks, procedure
Memorial at the Central Library at the Central LibraryPeople visiting the George Floyd memorial in front of the Central Library downtown on Sunday, May 31, 2020.
Sewer pipe replacement- June 2020 sewer replacement.jpgSewer pipe replacement- June 2020Crew working on sewer pipe replacement, June 2020.
James st night work work - Harrison and James.jpegJames st night workNight work paving at Harrison and James, May 2020
Cordata Park trail opening park.jpegCordata Park trail openingCordata Park trail opening
Bill McDonald Sewer Rehabilitation on Bill McDonald.jpgBill McDonald Sewer RehabilitationBill McDonald annual sewer rehabilitation project, May 2020
BillMcDonald-sewer-rehab rehabilitation on Bill McDonald Parkway, May 2020
Janice Keller, Communications Director Keller, Communications DirectorMay 2020 - photo courtesy City of Bellingham
Lakeway with biker- 2013 with biker- 2013Cars and biker at Lakeway Drive, 203
Harrison and James night work Street and James.jpegHarrison and James night workNight work on the Harris Street and James Street paving project, May 2020
Waypoint Park Park.jpgWaypoint ParkWaypoint Park during COVID-19
Bloedel boat inspections COVID boat inspections COVIDBoat inspectors at Bloedel Donovan inspecting kayaks, April 2020
Lake Padden Sewer Project padden - sewer project.jpgLake Padden Sewer ProjectLake Padden sewer project - April 2020
Community's first Isolation and Quarantine facility opens April 22 Quarantine location photo.jpgCommunity's first Isolation and Quarantine facility opens April 22Motel 6 minus sign location of first Isolation and Quarantine facility in Bellingham by Whatcom Unified Command blue sky with clouds blue doors