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To continue the strong community voice in determining the future of the Bellingham's bay waterfront and to ensure that the principles outlined in 2005 by the Waterfront Futures Group continue to be implemented in future developments along the waterfront.


The following is a summary of the Waterfront Advisory Group's responsibilities as listed in the 2004 City of Bellingham/Port of Bellingham interlocal agreement:

  • Ensuring public awareness and participation in waterfront planning, revitalization, and redevelopment activities;
  • Working with the Port and the City staff to consider and integrate recommendations of the Waterfront Futures Group in adopted Port and City plans, projects and regulations;
  • Reviewing and commenting on the consistency of proposed plans, projects, and regulatory amendments concerning the waterfront;
  • Advising the Port and City on benchmarks of progress on waterfront visions and goals and periodically reporting to the Port Commission and City Council on the progress in achieving those goals; and,
  • Serving as an advocate for waterfront development consistent with adopted plans.


The Waterfront Advisory Group consists of 10 community members appointed by the Mayor of Bellingham and the Port of Bellingham Executive Director. Members will review planning proposals for the entire waterfront, including the Georgia Pacific site, to make sure they are consistent with the vision and principles established in the Waterfront Futures Group's 2005 "Waterfront Vision and Framework Plan". All members must be a Whatcom County resident.


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