Boards and Commissions Application Process

Applicant Requirements

Candidates must be current residents of the State of Washington, and have been so for at least three years; must presently live within Bellingham City limits and have done so for at least two years, unless otherwise specified; be a U.S. Citizen and registered voter.  Elected City officials, city officers and employees, and citizens having conflicts of interest are ineligible for appointments to City advisory boards.

Application Process

  1. Applicants who meet the above requirements should submit an application form (PDF). You may submit applications for specific groups whether or not there are current vacancies. You may submit applications for multiple advisory groups of interest to you.
  2.  Applications are retained in the Mayor's Office pending an opening on the Board or Commission. This file is consulted each time an opening occurs.
  3.  You may be contacted by telephone for further information or to confirm your continued willingness to serve. Personal interviews sometimes are arranged.
  4.  When an appointment decision is made, those who have been contacted will be informed of the decision. The appointment goes to the City Council for approval, when required, or simply for Council’s information.
  5.  A letter of appointment from the Mayor's Office will follow, indicating the term of appointment. The department responsible for staffing the board or commission will contact the appointee for orientation and notice of the first meeting.

In most cases, members fulfilling their responsibilities are eligible for reappointment to an additional term. In order to provide continuity and maintain a knowledgeable membership, reappointments typically occur.