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​Willow Spring Work Party

Willow Spring - Final Phase

​Project Overview:  EN-0049

In summer 2018, the City constructed the final phase of the Willow Spring restoration project to improve fish passage between Squalicum Creek and the Willow Spring channel. In 2010, the City completed the first phase of the Willow Spring project by creating approximately 1,000 lineal feet of new stream for off-channel salmon rearing habitat and refuge, nearly 1/3 of an acre of new wetlands, and nearly 1.5 acres of riparian (stream-side) forest. However, this new habitat was initially not fully accessible to salmon due to an undersized railroad culvert connecting Willow Spring with Squalicum Creek. The City was unable to finish the downstream section of the project because the legal framework with the landowner, BNSF, was not in place. The City secured BNSF approval in September 2018, thus allowing construction of the final connection.

Construction included replacing the existing 12-inch culvert and artificial pond with a new open channel that connects the existing Willow Spring channel with Squalicum Creek. 

Funding from the Stormwater Fund and BNSF.

Status-September 2018

Accomplishments:   Project substantially complete.

Next Milestone:    Punch list and warranty period.

Project Details

  • Status - Construction
  • Contract Awarded - September, 2018
  • Contract Amount - $60,601.10
  • Contractor- Williamson Civil
  • Vicinity Map


Affected Neighborhoods

    Birchwood; Columbia

Participating Departments

    Public Works


​Freeman Anthony

Project Engineer

 (360) 778-7924

Public Works Contacts