Samish-Maple-Ellis Multimodal Safety Improvements

Project Overview:  ES-0534

In 2016-2017, Public Works staff and TranspoGroup consultants completed a comprehensive corridor study to examine alternatives to reduce collisions, construct bikeway facilities, improve pedestrian safety, and improve the streetscape environment along 3/4 mile of the Samish-Maple-Ellis corridor from Bill McDonald Parkway to Lakeway Drive.  The 2009 Samish Way Urban Village Plan made some recommendations for the corridor (see below) and the 2014 Bicycle Master Plan recommended bike lanes on the south portion of the corridor and “Further Study Needed" for the north portion of the corridor where “S" turns and other arterial streets connect to the corridor.

Excerpt from the 2014 Bellingham Bicycle Master Plan (Chapter 3, page 54): Samish Way - Samish Way is a key crossing from Lincoln Street into the Samish Way Urban Village and the main access to Western Washington University along Bill McDonald Parkway. The nearby WWU Lincoln Street Park and Ride, Sehome Village, and Lakeway commercial area are important destinations for University students and other local residents. In order to improve bicycle access in this area, the existing bike lanes on Samish Way should be upgraded to buffered bike lanes and pavement markings should extend through the intersections. Green bike lanes should be considered between travel lanes on the west side of the interchange to denote a vehicle-bicycle mixing zone and to enhance bicyclists' safety.

Status:  September 2016- June 2018

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Affected Neighborhoods

    Puget; Sehome; York

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    Public Works


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