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Roosevelt Neighborhood Water Quality Improvement and Storm Drain Maintenance Project

​Project Overview:  EV-0130

This project will treat approximately 10 acres of stormwater runoff in the Roosevelt Neighborhood, centered around Texas Street, to an enhanced treatment level before it is discharged into Fever Creek and ultimately Whatcom Creek. The treatment will be accomplished through replacing catch basins with filter boxes (rain gardens in a box), and a biofiltration swale retrofitting an existing ditch within Roosevelt Park. The project will also repair and replace stormwater piping in need of rehabilitation. Fever and Whatcom Creeks are listed as impaired for metals and fecal coliform. A source of these contaminants is storm water runoff flowing into the creeks without being treated. This project will address approximately 10 acres of stormwater runoff which flows into the impaired waterways to an enhanced treatment level, therefore improving the water quality to the creeks. The primary challenge to this project is to construct the biofiltration swale inside Roosevelt Park while the park remains open. The northwest corner of the park will be closed to the public while the excavation work is done, but the rest of the park will remain open.

Funding from Washington Department of Ecology Water Quality Grant and Washington State Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund Loan.

Status - August 2018

Accomplishments:  The project has replaced the storm main on Undine Street between Alabama and Texas Streets, installed six stormwater filters (filterra units) and  a biofiltration swale in Roosevelt Park.  The biofiltration swale will treat surrounding stormwater runoff before it is discharged to Fever Creek and Whatcom Creek.

Next Milestones:  Work was completed end of June 2018.

Project Details

  • Status-  Complete
  • Contract Awarded- Yes
  • Contract Amount - $785,929
  • Contractor-  Tiger Construction
  • Completion Date:  June 30, 2018
  • Final Contract Amount:  $669,336
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Participating Departments

    Public Works


​Craig Mueller, P.E.

Project Engineer

Phone:  (360) 778-7922

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