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Water Treatment Plant Pretreatment

Project Overview: EW-0180

This project examines the raw water supply system and assesses the condition of and considers improvements to critical raw water supply infrastructure assets including the gate house, tunnel, screen house, industrial and water treatment plant pipelines, and chlorination facilities.

In 2011, a filter-clogging evaluation was completed. The report noted that even completely protected and secured water sources require some level of pretreatment. A pretreatment system was recommended as a basic element of the water treatment plant. Specifically, a dissolved air flotation (DAF) pretreatment system was recommended as the best and most sustainable solution to manage treatment of raw water from Lake Whatcom.

The project has three phases - Phase 1 was site analysis and condition assessment of current infrastructure (completed in October 2014), Phase 2 was the design and specifications for selected project elements (begun spring 2015), and Phase 3, construction, scheduled to begin in 2016.

The DAF pretreatment system will complement the existing long-term strategy for watershed protection. While the use of DAF pretreatment is on the leading edge of treatment technology and is used throughout Europe and the United States, Bellingham's DAF  project will be one of first applications in Washington State.

The project should be complete by the end of October, 2018 and is on budget. Currently project staff are turning the plant on and work is very minimal.  The trail is expected to be open on or around October 26.

For the final phase, staff developed an application to pursue a $12 million Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) loan.

Status - January 2019

Accomplishments:  Building complete.  Substantial completion issued October 28, 2018.

Next Milestones:   Complete punchlist items and issue project acceptance.

Monthly Message:  Includes images, recent accomplishments, work that is pending

Supporting Documents

Project Details

  • Status - Construction
  • Contract Awarded - August, 2016
  • Contract Amount -  $11,375,658.56
  • Contractor - Stellar J. Corporation
  • Completion Date:  October, 2018
  • Final Contract Amount:  $12.6 M

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