12/16/2016 Padden Creek Estuary Water Quality Facility image

12/16/2016 Padden Creek Estuary Water Quality Facility

Padden Creek Estuary Water Quality Facility

Project Overview EV-0106

The Padden Creek Estuary water quality facility removes up to 85% of priority pollutants from stormwater draining to Padden Creek Estuary using advanced treatment soils and native plantings.  Located along Harris Avenue between 6th and 8th, the water quality facility filters polluted stormwater from 90 acres of existing development in Fairhaven and the South Hill Neighborhood before it flows into the estuary.  Stormwater is fed into the facility's native planting area using water pressure created by gravity.  Check out the project interpretive sign for more information.

State and local fisheries biologists and Native American tribes advocate for the improvement of estuarine and near shore habitat to improve the estuary's fish productivity.  Learn about the City's estuary habitat restoration projects by visiting our habitat projects page.

Help protect water quality in our urban creeks by preventing and reporting spills. 

This project was completed in December 2016 and was funded by the City's Stormwater fund with support from a grant (grant #G1200579).

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