Cordata/Stuart/Horton Safety Improvements

​​​​Project Overview:   ES-0548

Stuart – Stuart Road from Eliza Avenue to Cordata P​kwy will be rechannelized into 3 lanes (center dedicated turn lanes) while maintaining the existing bike lanes on both sides. Pedestrian curb ramps will be upgraded at June Road with a marked crosswalk across Stuart.

Horton – Like Stuart, Horton has existing bike lanes that will be maintained, and Horton will be rechannelized to three lanes including a dedicated center turn lane.

Cordata – From Kellogg Road to Horton Road, is a divided street, currently with two lanes in either direction. The street will be rechannelized to one lane in each direction with a buffered bike lane with vertical delineators (white posts). In front of the new Cordata Park, two pedestrian crossings with flashing beacons will be installed. These crossings were previously approved with the Park Plan, including the tree removals necessary. Those were in the Park street tree permit. In front of the PeaceHealth facility, the dedicated turn lanes will be removed and a grass medium will be installed. Grass was chosen due to sight distance concerns with the new pedestrian actuated crossing signals.​

Cordata – From Horton to the northern terminus, or Kline Road, the rechannelization will include one lane in each direction, with buffered bike lanes and vertical delineators. The northernmost block between Freemont Ave. and Kline Road will have parking lanes marked on the east side of the block, outside of the buffered bike lane, to provide needed parking capacity to residents on that block.

​​Cordata/Horton intersection – A roundabout will be installed at the Cordata/Horton intersection, consisting of a 60' diameter center concrete circle. The approach islands on the north and south legs of the intersection, where currently there are dedicated left turn lanes, will be converted from asphalt to planted medium, with groundcover that has been successfully utilized on other sites with minimal maintenance. The center of the roundabout will be available for the Bellingham Arts commission to utilize if desired.​

Funding from the Transportation Benefit District (TBD). 

Project Purpose

The restriping of these streets will implement recommendations from the City of Bellingham Bicycle Master Plan to promote multimodal infrastructure throughout the city. This specific corridor links high density housing to educational, work, and shopping destinations as well as a new City Park currently under construction. Pedestrian actuated flashing beacon crossings will be installed near the park, and a roundabout at the Horton/Cordata intersection will alleviate traffic congestion at the currently 4-way stop.

Project Challenges​​

Traffic wi​ll be impacted by the presence of flaggers during construction. There are currently no detours planned. With the exception of the Horton/Cordata intersection, the work will be done in a matter of a few days in any specific area.​

​Project Status 

Accomplishments: Project has been bid.​

Next Milestone: Once contracts are in place, work is set to begin September 2019. Outreach begun in September. 

Project Details

  • Status - Construction
  • Contract Awarded - 8/19/2019
  • Contract Amount  - $728,118
  • Contractor - Strider Construction Co. 
  • Vicinity Map

Affected Neighborhoods


Participating Departments

    Public Works


​​Craig Mueller, P.E. 

​Project Manager

(360) 778-7922