Central Avenue, looking south to the future Whatcom Waterway Park image

Central Avenue, looking south to the future Whatcom Waterway Park

Waypoint Park


This project includes developing a waterfront park along Whatcom Waterway in the vicinity of Roeder and Central Avenue.  The project will be coordinated with other improvements along the waterfront including the Granary building and Granary/Laurel Street.  Pending available funding and phasing of other waterfront projects, phase 1 construction will include only a portion of the park; however, the entire Whatcom Waterway Park area will be included in the preliminary design phase, which will be completed under the initial design phase.

This project has been identified as a priority project for public access and enjoyment of the Waterfront District development site.  Access to the waterfront, both physical and visual, has long been a desire of the citizens of Bellingham.  This project is included in the Waterfront Master Plan and the City of Bellingham's Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan.


Real Estate Excise Tax

Washington State Department of Commerce Grant


First phase of construction began January of 2017. The next phase of construction, which includes improvements to Central Pier, will begin spring of 2017. Whatcom Waterway Park design has been completed and the city expects to start construction fall of 2017.



Affected Neighborhoods

    City Center; Lettered Streets

Participating Departments

    Parks and Recreation