​Failing Bridge over Fever Creek image

​Failing Bridge over Fever Creek

Fever Creek Bridge Replacement


The existing pedestrian and bicycle footbridge over Fever Creek in the Illinois Street Right of Way near Roosevelt Elementary School  was closed for public safety reasons.  An inspection found the bridge to be in a condition that warrants closure until the bridge can be replaced.

The existing bridge was constructed by a Parks & Recreation Department trail maintenance crew more than two decades ago and has been repaired on several occasions over the years.  Recently, erosion has damaged the bridge abutment to an extent that requires replacement.

In the meantime, City officials ask that pedestrians and bicyclists use a detour route.  The suggested detour follows streets around the trail and creek from E. Illinois Street to Michigan Street; south on Michigan Street to E. Maryland Street; west on E. Maryland Street to Superior Street; and north on Superior Street.  Please see the detour map below.


Park Impact Fees


Complete. The bridge was officially opened to the public on July 20th, 2017.


Affected Neighborhoods

    Alabama Hill; Roosevelt

Participating Departments

    Parks and Recreation