​Train at Bloedel Donovan Park image

​Train at Bloedel Donovan Park

Locomotive Relocation from Bloedel Donovan Park


The City of Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department is seeking an organization or individual to relocate and improve the condition of the locomotive in Bloedel Donovan Park. Deadline for Letters of Interest is June 30, 2015.

The locomotive was built in 1918 and donated to the City in 1960. In the past, the locomotive was open to the public to climb on and explore, but for safety reasons the City had to end this practice. Currently the locomotive is locked behind a chain link fence and is falling into a state of disrepair. The desired party would put the locomotive to better use by relocating it out of the park and improving its condition in a way that benefits the public.

"The City is interested in seeing if someone can do something more meaningful with the locomotive," said James King, director of the City's Parks and Recreation Department. "The intention is for this piece of local history to be relocated to a site out of the park where it can be revitalized and better enjoyed by the public."

After the letters are received, the City may begin negotiating with one (or more) respondents or decide to issue a more formal Request for Proposals. Proposals to dismantle and sell the locomotive for scrap will not be considered.


Letters of Interest were due June 30, 2015.  City Council has authorized staff to begin negotiations with the Northwest Railway Museum.  Negotiations are in progress as of July, 2017. 



Affected Neighborhoods

    Silver Beach

Participating Departments

    Parks and Recreation