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​The Crossing by Zach Griffin

Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan Update

​​​​​​​Every six years the State Recreation and Conservation Office requires cities to update their PRO Plans​ to compete for grants.  Bellingham's last major update was 2014, with minor changes  done in 2016 as part of the larger update to the Comprehensive Plan.  This update will include updated park inventory and maps, strategies for prioritizing improvements, public surveys and feedback, and incorporating goals regarding asset management and recreation programming.

Public work sessions​ with the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board and Greenways Advisory Committee will be held on various topics throughout the summer, with preliminary drafts due in the Fall.  A Parks & Recreation Community Survey​ obtained public input from nearly 2,500 residents from June through July of 2019 to inform the process and recommendations.  

As a docketed Comprehensive Plan amendment, this project requires legislative review by the Planning Commission and City Council.  State of Washington deadline for completion and submittal of the updated plan is March 1, 2020.

​​​Final Draft Document

Planning Process

  1. ​Staff Workshop 6/6/19 - Summary Results (PDF)
  2. PRAB/GAC Workshop #1: Survey Results (PDF), Draft Principles, Goals and Objectives (PDF)
  3. PRAB/GAC Workshop #2: Draft Recommended Trails North Bellingham (PDF); Draft Recommended Trails South Bellingham (PDF)
  4. Public Survey Results (PDF)
  5. Presentation to PRAB on Key Recommendations, 9/11/19 (PDF)
  6. Public Open House Presentation, 9/19/19 (PDF)
  7. Working Drafts:
    1. Chapter 1 Introduction, Principles, Goals and Objectives (PDF)
    2. Chapter 2 Community Setting (PDF)
    3. Chapter 3 Existing Facilities (PDF)
    4. Chapter 5 Recommendations (PDF)
  8. MNAC Presentation 10-16-19 (PDF)

Public Meetings

  1. Workshop #1 Tuesday, June 4: Park Advisory Board and Greenways Advisory Committee - goals and objectives work session, 6 pm – 9 pm  Maritime Heritage Park Pavilion, 500 W. Holly Street
  2. Workshop #2 Thursday, July 11: Park Advisory Board and Greenways Advisory Committee - map work session, 3 pm – 6 pm  City Hall, Mayor's Board Room, 210 Lottie Street
  3. PRAB Meeting September 11: ​Park Advisory Board review of draft plan, 7 -9 am, City Hall, Mayor's Board Room, 210 Lottie Street.
  4. Public Open House, Thursday, September 19, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. – Public meeting at Bloedel Donovan Park multipurpose room, 2114 Electric Ave., to present and obtain feedback on  preliminary draft plan.
  5. Planning Commission - November 2019
  6. Parks & Recreation Advisory Board - December 2019
  7. City Council - January 2020

Comments?  Feedback?

​Please send comments and feedback via email to noliver@cob.org​, or mail to Nicole Oliver, Parks & Recreation, 210 Lottie Street, Bellingham, WA  98225.  ​​

Affected Neighborhoods

    City-wide; Urban Growth Area

Participating Departments

    Parks and Recreation; Planning and Community Development


​​Nicole Oliver, Parks Development Manager