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Fountain Plaza


The purpose of the project is to design and construct improvements to the Fountain Plaza to implement the goals of the Fountain District Urban Village Plan and maximize the use of a relatively small public space. Strategies include:

  • Construction of a signature fountain to adhere to the property donation covenants, enforce the district's namesake and provide a gateway to the Fountain District Urban Village; 
  • Celebrate the history of the site by providing educational materials or experiences;
  • Define the character of the district through artwork and other distinctive elements;
  • Create experiences specifically targeting transit riders, middle-school aged children and customers of the immediately-surrounding businesses;
  • Consider wayfinding or other elements that create identify/connection/ownership/unity with the three surrounding neighborhoods; and
  • Prune or remove the existing maple tree for safety, light and/or functionality.


 Private Donation, Park Impact Fees


In design. The City has contracted with Hough Beck and Baird for design services, and is currently seeking community input:

Reference Documents

Affected Neighborhoods

    Columbia; Cornwall Park; Lettered Streets

Participating Departments

    Parks and Recreation; Planning and Community Development


Fountain Plaza Design Contact
Darby Cowles, Senior Planner
Phone:  (360) 778-8389
email: dkcowles@cob.org