​​Stuart/C​ordata round-about​ March 2019​ courtesy of&nbsp;WSDOT​<br> image

​​Stuart/C​ordata round-about​ March 2019​ courtesy of WSDOT​

Cordata / Stuart Roundabout

​Project Overview:  ES-0530

 Multimodal roundabout at the intersection of Cordata and Stuart.  Cordata Parkway is the major north-south secondary arterial through the Cordata Neighborhood and Stuart Road provides east-west access to Whatcom Community College.  Development was proposed on all four corners and the Parks Department purchased 27 acres for a regional park on the northeast side of this intersection.  Increasing traffic volumes will make northbound left-turns difficult, create vehicle queues and block access to Whatcom Community College and residential driveways.  A multimodal roundabout will slow vehicles, reduce collisions and improve safety for all transportation users, while also providing long-term transportation capacity, as the Cordata Neighborhood continues to develop over time.

Status - April 2019

Accomplishments:  Project has been designed, permitted and bid. (Completed redesign of the project after it was decided to change it  from a dual lane RAB to a hybrid RAB.) Four essential parcels acquired.  Permits including provisions for the wetland impacts. Construction is underway.

Next Milestone:  Construction should be completed by the end of April 2019.

Project Details

  • Status - under construction
  • Contract Awarded - Oct. 22, 2018 NTP
  • Contract Amount - $1,328,996
  • Contractor - Ram Construction
  • Vicinity Map

Affected Neighborhoods


Participating Departments

    Public Works


​Sam Shipp, P.E.
Project Engineer
Phone: (360) 778-7942 
Email:  sshipp@cob.org

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