2017 Water Main Replacement - Donovan Avenue

​Project Overview:  EW-0231

This is the annual water main replacement project to replace aging main on Donovan Avenue between Old Fairhaven Parkway and 30th Street.  The water main along Donovan Avenue was installed in 1926 and has failed three times in the past two years.  The main is operating at very high water pressure due to the topography of Bellingham.  This project will replace the aging mains and also through water pressure zone mapping, will determine a way forward for alleviating the extreme operating pressures. Donovan Avenue is a heavily traveled street for pedestrians, WTA and school busses.  Due to the narrowness of the street, Donovan will have to be temporarily closed in segments to complete this work.

Status - November 2017

Accomplishments:   The project is under design and approaching the 90% design stage.

Next Milestones:    Complete design and be out for bid in Early 2018.

Project Details

  • Status:  Pre-Design
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Affected Neighborhoods

    Happy Valley

Participating Departments

    Public Works


​Craig Mueller, P.E.

Project Engineer

Phone:  (360) 778-7922

Public Works Contacts