Archived Planning Notices



Notice of DecisionDecision Notices2825 Roeder AveCity Center;#SHR2017-0014 Exemption.pdf32462825 Roeder Ave
Notice of DecisionDecision Notices42nd St and College StSamish;#CAP2015-00061 Addendum to Permit with Exhibits.pdf St and College St
2535 Xenia StDecision Notices2535 Xenia StRoosevelt;#PDP2017-0010 DR2017-0019 SUB2017-0029 DR2017-0019 SUB2017-0029 Permit.pdf32392535 Xenia St
514 W Holly StDecision Notices514 W Holly StCity Center;#SHR2017-0019 Permit.pdf3237514 W Holly St
1502 Northshore DrDecision Notices1502 Northshore DrSilver Beach;#SHR2017-0032 SEP2017-0038 Shoreline Exmeption 1502 Northshore.pdf32351502 Northshore Dr
Notice of DecisionDecision Notices126 Ashley StreetSamish;#PDP2016-0014 DR2016-0033 CAP2016-0062 SEP2016-0055 Permit PDP2016-0014 DR2016-0033 CAP2016-0062.pdf of Decision.pdf3230126 Ashley Street
Notice of DecisionDecision Notices521 N Forest StSehome;#DR2017-0011 - 521 N Forest St - DR2017-0011.pdf3225521 N Forest St
Mahogany Ave right-of-way between Pacific Hwy and Northwest AveDecision NoticesMahogany Ave right-of-way between Pacific Hwy and Northwest AveCordata;#CAP2017-0033 Exhibits A-F.pdf Exhibits G-K.pdf Permit.pdf Ave right-of-way between Pacific Hwy and Northwest Ave
Notice of DecisionDecision Notices411 W Chestnut StreetCity Center;#SUB2016-0033 Preliminary Approval.pdf3201411 W Chestnut Street
900 20th StreetDecision Notices900 20th StreetHappy Valley;#DR2107-0009 PDP2017-0004 20th Street Consolidated Permit.pdf 20th Street
1022 N State StreetDecision Notices1022 N State StreetCity Center;#DR2017-0003 ADM2017-0004 ADM2017-0004 Decision.pdf ADM2017-0004 Exhibit A.pdf ADM2017-0004 Exhibit B.pdf ADM2017-0004 Exhibit C.pdf ADM2017-0004 Exhibit D.pdf ADM2017-0004 Exhibit E.pdf N State Street
1208 Samish WayDecision Notices1208 Samish WaySamish;#SUB2017-0025 Samish Way
Whatcom Waterway ParkDecision NoticesWhatcom Waterway ParkCity Center;#SHR2017-0016 - SHR2017-0016.pdf3181Whatcom Waterway Park
Notice of DecisionDecision Notices3613 3701 ConsolidationSehome;#DR2016-0025 3701 Consolidation
Notice of DecisionDecision Notices2527 Michigan StreetRoosevelt;#PDP2016-0011 SUB2016-0048 ADU2016-0011 Decision and Exhibits.pdf31712527 Michigan Street
West slope of Samish Hill between 42nd, 48th, Adams & Donovan / Samish Crest Decision NoticesWest slope of Samish Hill between 42nd, 48th, Adams & Donovan / Samish Crest Samish;#CAP2016-0036 STM2016-0068 Permit.pdf A Site Map.pdf B Application.pdf C Wetland CA Report 4.19.17.pdf D HCA CA Report 4.19.17.pdf E Geotech CA Report.pdf F Public Comment.pdf slope of Samish Hill between 42nd, 48th, Adams & Donovan / Samish Crest
Notice of DecisionDecision Notices952 N State StCity Center;#DR2017-0001 Decision.pdf N State St
Notice of DecisionDecision Notices1713 Edgewater LaneSilver Beach;#SEP2017-0013 / SHR2017-0010 Edgewater Lane.pdf31611713 Edgewater Lane
4882 Samish Way, Lake Padden Golf CourseDecision Notices4882 Samish Way, Lake Padden Golf CourseSamish;#CAP2017-0030 Permit Findings and Decision.pdf Samish Way, Lake Padden Golf Course
800 McKenzie AveDecision Notices800 McKenzie AveFairhaven;#DR2107-0006 Ex A.pdf Ex B.pdf Ex C-D.pdf McKenzie Ave
4100 Block Mahogany AveDecision Notices4100 Block Mahogany AveCordata;#DR2016-0034 PDP2016-0015 CAP2016-0063 SEP2016-0056 Ct PH 1 Approved Permit.pdf Block Mahogany Ave
Notice of DecisionDecision Notices105 W Van Wyck RoadMeridian;#PDP2016-0013 W Van Wyck Permit.pdf W Van Wyck Road
Northshore Drive and East North StreetDecision NoticesNorthshore Drive and East North StreetSilver Beach;#SHR2017-0004 Permit.pdf3149Northshore Drive and East North Street
934 Whitewater DrDecision Notices934 Whitewater DrSamish;#ADU2017-0007 Findings and Decision.pdf Whitewater Dr
1302 Larrabee AveDecision Notices1302 Larrabee AveFairhaven;#DR2016-0011 Permit.pdf Larrabee Ave
746 Fuchsia LoopDecision Notices746 Fuchsia LoopCordata;#DR2016-0018 2016-0018 Final Permit.pdf Fuchsia Loop
640 Harris AveDecision Notices640 Harris AveFairhaven;#SHR2017-0045 DOE Letter.pdf Permit.pdf3131640 Harris Ave
705 709 32nd StreetDecision Notices705 709 32nd StreetHappy Valley;#PDP2016-0012 SEP2016-0040 DR2016-0026 PDP2016-0012 Permit.pdf 709 32nd Street
Midway Lane right-of-way west of Bakerview SpurDecision NoticesMidway Lane right-of-way west of Bakerview SpurIrongate;#CAP2017-0021 Lane right-of-way west of Bakerview Spur
3001 Vining StreetDecision Notices3001 Vining StreetAlabama Hill;#ADU2017-0005 Findings and Decision.pdf Vining Street

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