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Legislative Log

Agenda Bill Number:19832
Council Bill Number:
Ordinance Number:2013-02-006 City Council Legislative Log
Resolution Number:
Introduction Date:01/28/2013
Disposition Date:02/11/2013
Subject:An Ordinance relating to fines for misdemeanors; amending BMC 1.28.010, BMC 4.60.030, BMC 4.70.030, BMC 6.10.110, BMC 13.40.150, BMC 15.42.110, BMC 16.60.090, BMC 16.70.140, BMC 18.52.010, BMC 20.52.010, BMC 20.52.020; and the maximum term of incarceration for gross misdemeanors; amending BMC 6.05.220, BMC 7.08.170, BMC 10.04.060, BMC 16.55.040, BMC16.80.150, BMC 17.10.020, BMC 17.20.020
Miscellaneous Information:
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