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Ordinance: 2013-07-047

An ordinance of the City of Bellingham, Washington, relating to the recreational use of marijuana, declaring an emergency, establishing an immediate emergency moratorium on the siting, establishment and operation of any structures or uses relating to marijuana production, marijuana processing, or marijuana retailing (specifically excluding medical marijuana or medical cannabis) and the submission of any business registration or license applications for such uses, and setting twelve months as the effective period of the moratorium, to allow the Washington State Liquor Control Board an opportunity to complete its rulemaking for the licensing of such uses and to allow the city to study the land use impacts of such uses.
Year: 2013
Agenda Bill: 20043
Council Bill:
1st Reading - Introduction Date:07/01/2013
3rd and Final - Disposition Date:07/01/2013
Publication Date: 07/05/2013
File Attachment :201307047.pdf201307047.pdf