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Mayor's Board Room
Monday, January 09, 2012, 12:00 PM
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Special Meeting

Called To Order The meeting was called to order by Council President Stan Snapp

Roll Call
    Jack Weiss, Council Member, First Ward
    Gene Knutson, Council Member, Second Ward
    Cathy Lehman, Council Member, Third Ward
    Stan Snapp, Council Member, Fourth Ward
    Terry Bornemann, Council Member, Fifth Ward
    Michael Lilliquist, Council Member, Sixth Ward
    Seth Fleetwood, Council Member, At Large


AB19432 1. 2012 City Council Reorganization

A. Nomination of Officers for 2012

The following nominations of officers were made:

Council President: Terry Bornemann
    Council President Pro Tempore: Seth Fleetwood
      Mayor Pro Tempore: Cathy Lehman

      B. Discussion Regarding Committees; Other Assignments

      The work of the Waterfront Development Committee was discussed. By unanimous consent, the Committee of the Whole recommended that the Waterfront Development Committee be reformed to add Downtown development, including Old Town, to its scope of work. The Committee is renamed to the Waterfront/Downtown/Old Town Committee.

      C. Appointments to Committees; Other Assignments

      1. Finance & Personnel 1. Michael Lilliquist
      2. Stan Snapp
      Chair: Michael Lilliquist 3. Cathy Lehman

      2. Lake Whatcom Reservoir 1. Seth Fleetwood
      2. Michael Lilliquist
      Chair: Seth Fleetwood 3. Stan Snapp
      4. Cathy Lehman

      3. Parks & Recreation 1. Seth Fleetwood
      2. Stan Snapp
      Chair: Seth Fleetwood 3. Jack Weiss

      4. Planning & Community Development 1. Jack Weiss
      2. Cathy Lehman
      Chair: Jack Weiss 3. Michael Lilliquist
      4. Seth Fleetwood

      5. Public Works / Public Safety 1. Stan Snapp
      2. Gene Knutson
      Chair: Stan Snapp 3. Seth Fleetwood

      6. Transportation 1. Cathy Lehman
      2. Jack Weiss
      Chair: Cathy Lehman 3. Gene Knutson

      7. Waterfront/Downtown/Old Town 1. Gene Knutson
      2. Michael Lilliquist
      Chair: Gene Knutson 3. Jack Weiss
      4. Cathy Lehman
        1. Bellingham International Airport Advisory Committee 1. Jack Weiss
        2. Bellingham School District 1. Michael Lilliquist
        3. Bellingham/Whatcom Tourism Bureau 1. Stan Snapp
        4. Council of Governments Full Council, Exec Board, Transportation Policy Board1. Jack Weiss
        Full Council Only
        2. Cathy Lehman
        5. Downtown Bellingham Partnership 1. Cathy Lehman
        (alt.)2. Michael Lilliquist
        6. Emergency Medical and Ambulance Advisory Board (Joint City/County)
        (Finance Committee Chair)1. Michael Lilliquist
        (Public Works/Public Safety Committee Chair)2. Stan Snapp
        7. Firefighters Pension Board – (Finance Committee Chair)1. Michael Lilliquist
        8. Library Board 1. Stan Snapp
        9. Marine Resources Committee1. Seth Fleetwood
        10. Mount Baker Theatre Board 1. Seth Fleetwood
        11. Museum Foundation – (President Pro Tempore or delegate)1. Terry Bornemann
        12. Northwest Economic Council (Elect 1)1. Cathy Lehman
        13. Open Space Committee – (Same as Planning Committee)1. Jack Weiss
        2. Michael Lilliquist
        3. Cathy Lehman
        4. Seth Fleetwood
        14. Opportunity Council (Elect 1)1. Stan Snapp
        15. Parks and Recreation Board – (Same as Parks & Recreation Committee)1. Seth Fleetwood
        2. Stan Snapp
        3. Jack Weiss
        16. Police Pension Board – (Council President or Pres. Pro Tempore)1. Terry Bornemann
        17. Port Marina Advisory Committee 1. Gene Knutson
        18. Sister Cities Advisory Board 1. Seth Fleetwood
        19. Sustainable Connections 1. Michael Lilliquist
        20. Tourism Commission – Allocation Sub-committee Chair
        (Finance Committee Chair or other designee)
        1. Michael Lilliquist
        21. WHAT-COMM Communications Administrative Board – 911
        (Public Works/Public Safety Chair)
        1. Stan Snapp
        22. Whatcom Transportation Authority 1. Jack Weiss
        2. Stan Snapp
        Ad hoc Working Groups:
        1. EMS Working Group:
        (Council President)
        1. Terry Bornemann
          (Public Works/Public Safety Chair)
        2. Stan Snapp
          (Finance Committee Chair)
        3. Michael Lilliquist
        2. Lake Whatcom Policy Working Group
        (Lake Whatcom Reservoir & Natural Resources Committee Chair)
        1. Seth Fleetwood
        2. Michael Lilliquist
        3. Parking Solutions Working Group1. Jack Weiss
        2. Michael Lilliquist
        4. PEG TV Working Group1. Stan Snapp
        2. Jack Weiss

      There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 12:55 PM.

      Stan Snapp, Council President

      ATTEST: J. Lynne Walker, Executive Assistant to the Bellingham City Council

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