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Monday, January 06, 2014, 01:00 PM
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Committee Meeting
Mayor's Board Room

Called To Order Council President Pro tem, Michael Lilliquist, called the meeting to order.

Roll Call


AB20257 1. 2014 City Council Reorganization

The following nominations of officers were made:

Council President: Cathy Lehman Council President Pro Tempore: Terry Bornemann Mayor Pro Tempore: Gene Knutson

AB20258 2. Discussion regarding Council Standing Committees

Waterfront / Downtown Development Committee was eliminated.
Planning and Community Development Committee was eliminated.

Planning Committee was added.
Community and Economic Development Committee was added.

The following nominations were made:

Finance & Personnel Committee
Chair Michael Lilliquist
Terry Bornemann
Gene Knutson

Lake Whatcom/Natural Resources
Chair Pinky Vargas
Roxanne Murphy
Terry Bornemann

Parks and Recreation
Chair Roxanne Murphy
Pinky Vargas
Jack Weiss

Chair Jack Weiss
Gene Knutson
Public Works/Public Safety
Chair Terry Bornemann
Michael Lilliquist
Jack Weiss

Community and Economic Development
Chair Gene Knutson
Michael Lilliquist
Pinky Vargas


Airport Advisory Jack Weiss
B’ham School District Roxanne Murphy
Bham/What Tourism Bd Michael Lilliquist
COG Roxanne Murphy & Michael Lilliquist
Downtown B’ham Partnership Michael Lilliquist
EMS Oversight Board Terry Bornemann
Fire Pension Michael Lilliquist
Library Board Jack Weiss
Marine Resources Committee Gene Knutson
Mt. Baker Theater Pinky Vargas
Museum Society Terry Bornemann
Open Space Planning Committee
Opportunity Council Pinky Vargas
Parks & Recreation Board Parks Committee
Police Pension Cathy Lehman
Port Marina Advisory Terry Bornemann
Sister Cities Terry Bornemann
Sustainable Connections Michael Lilliquist
Tourism Com- Allocation Michael Lilliquist
What-Comm 911 Admin Terry Bornemann
WTA Board Jack Weiss & Roxanne Murphy

Short-term Committee Assignments:

PEG -TV working group Jack Weiss, Gene Knutson

LW Policy Working Group Pinky Vargas & alt-Roxanne Murphy

Parking Solutions Terry Bornemann, Jack Weiss

Energy Working Group Pinky Vargas, Michael Lilliquist

AB20259 3. Guidelines for Public Comment Period

Presented by: Peter Ruffatto, City Attorney

INFORMATION ONLY. Further discussion will take place at the Council Retreat

AB20260 4 Code of Ethics for Municipal Officers - Contract Issues

Presented by: Peter Ruffatto, City Attorney


5. Old/New Business City Cell Phone Program for Council Members

There was discussion of the considerations related to different Council Members need for, and use of cell phones at their own expense for Council business. Discussion was postponed to the Council retreat as part of a larger discussion about Council Members and technology hardware.

Scheduling: Transportation Benefit District Meetings

J. Lynne Walker, Executive Assistant to the Bellingham City Council, asked the new Council about its preference for setting meetings of Transportation Benefit District Board Meetings. The members opted to schedule these meetings for the evening of Monday's not already scheduled for City Council Meetings by unanimous consent.

Scheduling: Council Retreat

The date for the City Council Retreat was set for Saturday, February 22nd. Agenda to be developed and location to be determined based on the size of the space that will be needed.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:41 PM.

Cathy Lehman, Council President
ATTEST: J. Lynne Walker, Executive Assistant to the Bellingham City Council
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