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Monday, December 05, 2011, 01:00 PM
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Committee Meeting
Council Chambers

Called To Order The meeting was called to order by Council President Stan Snapp

Roll Call


Public Works / Public Safety
Members: Chair, Barry Buchanan; Jack Weiss; Gene Knutson

AB19395 1. Extension of lease term and potential expansion of space for the Bellingham Railway Museum

Presented by: Patty Fernandez, Public Works Real Property Management

GK/JW Moved to recommend renewal of the lease for the space currently occupied by the Bellingham Railway Museum. BB concurred.

AB19396 2. Resolution authorizing the Mayor to submit an application requesting Economic Development Investment (EDI) funding for improvements to the W. Bakerview overpass

Presented by: Ted Carlson, Public Works Director
Mayor Dan Pike

GK/JW Moved to recommend approval. BB concurred.

AB19397 3. Purchase of Mechanical CPR Devices

Presented by: Randy Vanderheiden, Fire Department Medical Services Officer

JW/GK Moved to recommend approval. BB concurred.

Members: Chair, Terry Bornemann; Michael Lilliquist; Jack Weiss

AB19398 1. Resolution adopting a base rate for 2012 Transportation Impact Fees per BMC 19.06.

Presented by: Chris Comeau, Public Works Transportation Planner

ML/JW Moved to recommend approval. TB concurred.

Planning & Community Development
Members: Chair, Jack Weiss; Michael Lilliquist; Seth Fleetwood; Gene Knutson

AB19376 1. City/County Interlocal Agreement concerning planning annexation and development review in Bellingham’s Urban Growth Area

Presented by: Jeffrey Thomas, Planning and Community Development Director
Greg Aucutt, Senior Planner

Discussion only, to be continued at the December 12, Council Meeting.

Lake Whatcom Reservoir & Natural Resources
Members: Chair, Seth Fleetwood; Michael Lilliquist; Barry Buchanan; Gene Knutson

AB19235 1. Ordinance to increase the water rate surcharge for the Lake Whatcom acquisition and stormwater program

Presented by: Seth Fleetwood, City Council At-Large

ML/BB moved to recommend scheduling a public hearing on January 23, 2012.
SF concurred.

Committee Of The Whole
Chair, Stan Snapp

AB19399 1. Ratification of Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement and Development Agreement by and between the Bellingham Public Development Authority and Catholic Community Services for the sale of the 1100 Cornwall Property

Presented by: James Long, BPA Executive Director
Steve Powers, Catholic Community Services, Regional Director
Mayor Dan Pike
Amy Kraham, Senior Assistant City Attorney

JW/ML moved to recommend approval of the REPSA. Motion passed 6-1. BB opposed. Mixed recommendation.

JW/ML moved to recommend approval of the Development Agreement. The motion passed 7-0..

AB19400 2. Ordinance confirming final assessment roll for LID #1109 regarding sewer improvements along 34th Street between Taylor Street and Donovan Avenue

Presented by: Peter Ruffatto, Senior Assistant City Attorney
Lance Rexroat, Public Works Property Acquisition Specialist

ML/GK moved to recommend approval. The motion passed 7-0..

AB19342 3. Ordinance to adopt the City of Bellingham 2012 Annual Budget

Presented by: Brian Henshaw, Budget Manager
Mayor Dan Pike
Bill Boyd, Fire Chief

GK/BB moved to recommend the addition of one-year funding for the Fire Belle. Motion failed 3-4. JW, TB, ML, SS opposed.

GK/JW Moved to recommend approval of the 2012 budget. The motion passed 5-2. TB, SS opposed. Mixed recommendation.

None submitted

County Council consideration of adding Yew Street back into Bellingham UGA

Jack Weiss requested Council formally voice its support of the letter written by Jeff Thomas, Planning Director, in opposition to the inclusion of Yew Street in the UGA.

It was noted that City Council has previously demonstrated its opposition in three different forms. Gene Knutson suggested the County Council’s Planning Committee and the City Council’s Planning committee should meet together to work through some issues so both entities stop fighting each other in litigation and Growth Board Hearings.

Greg Aucutt reviewed the history of the last correspondence between the City and County. He presented a draft letter from the City Council to the County Council for review.

JW/TB Moved to approve the letter as written and to sending it out under the Council President’s signature. The motion passed 7-0.

At 4:07 PM Council President Stan Snapp adjourned the meeting to Executive Session to hear the following items:

Executive Session

1. Potential Litigation - (Hoisington – Approx. 10 min.)

2. Potential Litigation - (Hoisington – Approx. 15 min.)

Two Executive Sessions were added to the schedule:
1. Potential Litigation - (Kraham - Approx 10 min)

2. Labor negotiations update - (Klemanski - Approx 30 min.)

The meeting was called back to order and adjourned at 4:59 PM

Stan Snapp, Council President
ATTEST: J. Lynne Walker, Executive Assistant to the Bellingham City Council
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