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Monday, November 21, 2011, 01:00 PM
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Committee Meeting
Council Chambers

Called To Order The meeting was called to order by President Stan Snapp

Roll Call


Planning & Community Development
Members: Chair, Jack Weiss; Michael Lilliquist; Seth Fleetwood; Gene Knutson

AB19388 1. Update on Fairhaven Neighborhood and urban village planning effort

Presented by: Jeff Thomas, Planning and Community Development Director


Committee Of The Whole
Chair, Stan Snapp

AB19370 1. Community indicators and city government performance metrics in support of the City Council’s Legacies and Strategic Commitments

Presented by: David Webster, Chief Administrative Officer
Marty Mulholland, Information Technology Services Director


AB19360 2. Discussion of ordinance amending the Bellingham Municipal Code to regulate unreasonably bothersome noises generated by domesticated fowl such as roosters prior to consideration for adoption on Third & Final Reading.

Presented by: Jack Weiss, Council Representative, Ward 1
Laura Clark, Humane Society Director

INFORMATION ONLY - on the agenda for vote on 3rd & Final Reading

The November 7, Committee Meeting Minutes were submitted for approval. GK/BB moved approval. The motion carried 7-0.

The October 31, Special Meeting of the Committee of the Whole Re: Performance Measures were submitted for approval. ML/GK moved approval. The motion carried 7-0.

The November 14, Special Meeting of the Committee of the Whole Re: 2012 Budget were submitted for approval. GK/ML moved approval. The motion carried 7-0.

The November 14, Special Meeting Minutes of the Lake Whatcom Reservoir and Natural Resources Committee Re: Cost Benefit Analysis of Phosphorus reduction activities were submitted for approval. GK/BB moved to recommend approval. The motion carried 4-0.

Planning Staff

Michael Lilliquist reviewed that he had proposed adding a .5 FTE to Planning staff to offset potential impacts to planning work resulting from the departure the Executive Department’s waterfront planner. He reported that instead, the Special Projects Coordinator was assigned. He noted that change would impact City Center Master Planning and the update to the Development Chapter update.

AWC Legislative Committee Meeting

Mr. Lilliquist reported this committee met to discuss the State budget deficit and the impact to cities of shared revenue reductions included in the Governor’s budget reduction alternatives. The Committee remains in negotiations to try to retain these funds.

Wal-Mart Reopening

Jack Weiss reported he attended the grand re-opening. He reported the remodel was well done and the improvements were made within the 12,000 sq. ft. limitation of the Big Box ordinance.

TBD No 1 Budget Meeting

Stan Snapp announced there will need to be a TBD meeting on December 12, at 1:00 PM to discuss 2012 funding for WTA. The WTA needs a long lead time to implement any changes.

At 2:04 PM Council President Stan Snapp adjourned the meeting to Executive Session to hear the following items:

Executive Session

1. Potential Property Sale - (Kraham – Approx. 10 min.)

2. Potential Litigation - (Marriner – Approx. 10 min.)

3. Potential Litigation - (Hoisington – Approx. 15 min.)

4. Litigation: Caitec rezones SEPA appeal - (Marriner – Approx. 10 min.)

At 2:53 PM Mr. Snapp announced the extension of the Executive Session to 3:20.

At 3:18 PM the meeting was called back to order and adjourned.

Stan Snapp, Council President
ATTEST: J. Lynne Walker, Executive Assistant to the Bellingham City Council
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