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Monday, April 07, 2014, 01:00 PM
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Committee Meeting
Council Chambers

Called To Order

Roll Call


Committee Of The Whole

AB20371 1. A multi-jurisdictional resolution regarding 2036 population and employment allocations

Jeff Thomas, Director of Planning & Community Development, and Greg Aucutt, Assistant Director of Planning & Community Development, presented on the comprehensive plan for growth that is to be finished by 6/30/16. Staff needs a decision from the Council. The intent of this non-binding resolution will allow changes; the number is simply a starting point in order to move forward. Greg reported that requirements for capital facilities planning are the same for every jurisdiction. Jeff stated that the difference between the medium and high figures is approximately 8,000 people relative to the employment forecast for 2036. Mayor Linville stated that this process began in November 2013 with a 6-0 vote, and that cities and the county have all adopted this preliminary number.
Jack Weiss expressed concern that he feels the analysis should be the same among all the cities in Whatcom County. He feels it is not a level playing field; the county needs to have impact fees that are on par with the other cities. Terry would like a Whereas clause to be added relating to impact fees in the county as a disincentive for growth. Roxanne Murphy expressed support for the high number because a higher population can boost economic development. Michael Lilliquist opposed the resolution because he does not want to have to negotiate at the end, should that be necessary in the future. He advocates for a medium-high number with a concern for infrastructure and capital facilities stating that with a higher number comes increased spending.

Gene Knutson/ Pinky Vargas moved to recommend approval.

MOTION CARRIED 6-1. Opposed: Michael Lilliquist

Jack Weiss/ Gene Knutson moved to recommend administration to bring forward a resolution to discuss with small cities and other jurisdictions mechanisms to reduce rural growth and traffic impact fees.


AB20372 2. A presentation on the participation of the City of Bellingham in the Lean Academy

AB20373 3. A Presentation by Sustainable Connections

4. Approval of City Council Committee and/or Special Meeting Minutes
Approval of 3/24/14 City Council Committee Meeting Minutes

Gene Knutson/ Roxanne Murphy moved to recommend approval of 3/24/14 Committee Meeting Minutes.

MOTION CARRIED 6-0. Cathy Lehman out of the room.

Approval of 3/15/14 City Council Retreat Meeting Minutes

Gene Knutson/ Pinky Vargas moved to recommend approval of 3/15/14 Retreat Minutes with the correction of location as Woodstock Farms, not Mayor's Board Room.

MOTION CARRIED 6-0. Cathy Lehman out of the room.

5. Old/New Business
None reported

Meeting adjourned to Executive Session at 3:44 PM and Committee Meeting adjourned at 4:06 PM

Cathy Lehman, Council President
ATTEST: Legislative Assistant
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