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Woodstock Farms
Saturday, March 15, 2014, 07:00 PM
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Special Meeting

Called To Order The meeting was called to order by Council President Cathy Lehman at 9:00 a.m.

Roll Call
    Jack Weiss, Council Member, First Ward
    Gene Knutson, Council Member, Second Ward
    Cathy Lehman, Council Member, Third Ward
    Pinky Vargas, Council Member, Fourth Ward
    Terry Bornemann, Council Member, Fifth Ward
    Michael Lilliquist, Council Member, Sixth Ward
    Roxanne Murphy, Council Member, At Large



1. Discussion of City Council Internal Processes

    a. Committee structure and process check in;

    b. Use of advisory committees;

    c. Optimal utilization of our department resources, staff & budget;

    d. Emergency management/chain of command when majority absent.

    Council members agreed to work on the following issues during the first half of the year with proposed solutions brought back to a regular Council meeting if appropriate.

      Improve agenda bill style and substance
      Ideas to improve communication to the public
      Examine alternate ways of running/structuring meetings
      Review staff functions and update job descriptions
      Improve communication, process, and timelines with Administration re: Council action items
      Advisory Groups -- Examine role and confirmation processes
      Reconvene Committee Restructure Work Group (one time to review meeting process)
      Chain of Command during emergencies -- Bring back solution to Council

2. City Council Meeting Procedures

    a. Review/discussion of parliamentary procedure, other Council rules;

    b. Council meeting decorum “rules”;

    c. Policy on cell phone use during Council meetings.

    Council members and staff agreed to work on the following issues during the first half of the year with proposed solutions brought back to a regular Council meeting if appropriate.

      A resolution to adopt Council Meeting Rules

      Cell Phone use rules

3. Policy Discussion: Equitable distribution of Parks resources; possible referral to committee

    Additional information regarding level of service for North end parks will be brought back for additional discussion at the March 24, 2014 afternoon Council meeting.

4. Working Lunch and discussion regarding technology issues

    a. Cell phone/iPad payment policies, budget;

    b. User interface choices with new meeting software;

    c. Agenda item scheduling issues with new meeting software.

5. Other issues/Council assignment
      Ideas for process improvements in Planning Department Type VI processes will be brought back for further discussion under Old and New Business.

      Council assigned its Policy Analyst a project to support the Council during the Comp Plan update process by providing information as requested, with a focus on multi-jurisdictional issues.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM.

Cathy Lehman, Council President

ATTEST: Legislative Analyst

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